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Look What I Put On My Bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ametha elf, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Put these on today. Took forever to thread them through!!!


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  2. arghh... your bike looks like its dressed up for a Village People concert!! :D
  3. ooooo he went there, i wanted to say something similar
  4. oh no he di'int
  5. such a stud!
  6. hahahaha..looks like shit.........hahaha
  7. hahahahahahah
  8. Ready for Mardi Gras..... you got matching leathers?
  9. with the bum cut out
  10. I should put those on my ZX6R
  11. Ok... were all being harsh... apologies ametha, if it appeals to you .. nothing wrong with being a little different!! (I think 8-[)

    Only...If its a nice one!!! :butt:
  12. I'm glad someone had some decency and admitted that the comments so far had crossed the line.
    Ametha, it's not to my liking, but neither is the cruiser. Your care factor of my opinion and of those before me should, rightfully so, be around the zero mark ;). My only issue, other than the time it took you to put them on as I'm a lazy turd lol, is the material closest to the 'bar clamps and the possibility of them holding water and encouraging rust in that area.
    Bottom line is; if something makes you smile then it's worth it.
  13. +1 I was having a giggle with what I posted, but some of the comments after are just inappropriate.

    Aelf: if you like it, then that is all that matters
  14. Everyone's got something on their bike that they love that everyone else thinks is silly. It wouldn't be fun if we didn't all have a little poke at each other from time to time :) My bike is littered in such paraphernalia.

    The gay innuendo jokes were a little inappropriate though.
  15. Tis ok, one of the advantages in being a lady rider is that I can bling up my bike AND get away with it! J3st3r, I was a bit worried about rust developing too, but will just have to keep an eye on it I guess.
  16. Are those tassels hanging off the brake lever?! :shock:
  17. your bike needs drag bars ametha, much better look
  18. i thought tiprat was banned?

    looks awesome ametha :D i think you got the best bike in town ;)

  19. See my pic? For two years something like that was the only motorcycle I rode and they don't come much sillier than that :D