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look what i got :DDDD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Xena, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. just had to brag and show you all what i just bought :DDDD

  2. I like the color..... :LOL:
  3. Oh! The humanity........

    That is really really pink..........
  4. hehehehhee........pink bitz..........hheheheheh
  5. I hope you have pink leathers to match!
  6. Holy crap, I'm getting a reading of over 50 MegaParises on the Blingometer! :rofl: Awesome, congrats!
  7. Certainly unique! Congrats Xena :grin:
  8. +1 Is it THAT pink in real life?? Fabulous!
  9. This will defiently turn heads! Awesome bike :grin:
  10. mmm "The Pink Ninja"
  11. Wow..I'll bet that will turn some heads! Congratulations.

    I hope your leathers are not Kawaskai Green? :roll: :grin:
  12. that is REALLY pink for gawds sake :LOL:

    Congrats on the new bike..................get in touch with another brissy girl ( black magic) for some kwaka wanking.................more pics please

  13. Hey, Paul. Don't you mean "faaaabulous, daaaahling" :grin:

    Congrat's Xena, it's pinkalicious :cool:
  14. named after er... nice bike!!! great metaphor
  15. oh i got headache
  16. Brings a whole new meaning to "Show us yer pink bits!!" :shock:
  17. Ahhh a ZX7, nice bike, good handling, good brakes, reliable, fast enuf......Kawasaki, I can appreciate the colour, look forward to seeing it out & about :)
  18. holyac xena...nice bike! might see it round the subs :)
  19. Except for the w/screen that's gotta go! [​IMG]