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Look what I did to my R1

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Takamii, May 11, 2012.

  1. Actually R1 is still in the shop

    in the meantime I bought this thing to drop and break instead

    a set of motard wheels and I will have 2 bikes in 1

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  2. You're a hoon Tak lol
    so what mods you gonna do to this one? a tubo to make close to R1 specs? :)
  3. hehehe,
    if i ever lose my license it will be on my wr,
    it makes median strips, overtaking lanes. roundabout's - overbouts. and speed humps a challenge
  4. Nice road trail dude. Did you pick it up for a steal.
  5. so this is a 2004 combo start model with a full rebuilt engine include new case ( 500kms old ) bash plate , bark busters , updated springs front and rear for a 100kg + rider , 5 months rego, new full fmf exhaust system, rejetted carby 90% tyres - usual scratches and scrapes for a trail bike lots of spares and a set of tie downs as well

    picked it up for $2900

    now a motard conversion kit with tyres is $1200 with tyres plus delivery


    some driving lights to melt the cops sun glasses at 200meters are $150

    and should be set
  6. Very nice score.

    I would love a dirty next to my road bike. Some day...

    Maybe that is how I can convince the Mrs, 2 bikes for the price of 1 (motard and dirt)
  7. Can't wait to see how it looks.
    I might do the same.
  8. Nice pickup! And still, a Yamaha :)
  9. i have a GYTR kit for a wr450f sitting in my shed not being used, i might sell it soon so i'll let you know.

    if you're interested that is. it has a proper front brake too.

  10. Nice buy Tak, I expect to see you at Wackypark backing it into T1 :D
  11. by all means let me know when you are ready
  12. 'scuse my ignorance chaps.

    Why does a motard kit include new chain?

    Is it 'cos the rear drive sprocket is a different size?
  13. I believe so - I am new to tards as well