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LOOK what happened to my R1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. I was cruising the auction sites and found out what happened to my R1

    you may recall I sold it in June in pristine condition and it was stolen from the new owner about 4 weeks later

    now look at it
    obviously was stolen for parts
    but was recovered

  2. ..........

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  3. ....................

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  4. So, you recognised it from the photos?
  5. yes I did recognize it from the pictures

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  6. You can see what it looked like when I sold it

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  7. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark. feel bad for the poor bloke who bought it
  8. I wouldnt - he had it insured for 2 grand more than he paid for it
  9. My bikes fully insured, and a complete pos at that, and I'd probably still cry if it got stolen :/
  10. Hmmm, was insured for more....I smell a fish.

    Still impressed how you recognised it though :cool:

    So in OZ, one can insure a bike FULL! No $h!t!

    There's no way in my country they'll do that....only 3rd party on a bike...

    oh btw, that was a damn nice bike....
  11. What did they steal? Must be an absolute asshole to steal an entire bike for just a few parts he needed. The wheels/headlights/fairings/chain+sprockets/suspension is all still there :s
  12. I'm am sitting here with my 2yr old son on my lap. He summed it up, when I was scrolling through the pics, he said "uh oh" to everyone without the fairings.
    That really sucks to see ML, looked like such a sweet bike.

    Biker - It's somewhat common in Aus for people to get an agreed value on a vehicle (not just bikes) that is higher then the price that was paid for it.
    2 grand may seem like a bit, bit that's the amount over I did for mine, simply so when the excess comes out I still have my bikes original purchase price left.
    I don't know if it's the same there but we have agreed value which is what you will get paid and market where you insure it for 5 grand and pay insurance based on that amount but when it's time to pay out the insurer will only says it's worth 3.
  13. Did the new owner put in the red pin stripes on the wheels?

    Apart from that it does look like the same bike.

    Just think, if you'd given up smoking (insert a number here based on price of a pack x quantity consumed) years ago, you wouldn't have had to sell it. :)
  14. It is the same bike I assure you of this - I know my bike when I see it

    the new owner did put the pinstripes in he also had put in a new undertail
  15. Did the new owner also remove the black tank-grips?
  16. I can not be sure if he did or not but they are not grips as you mention -- it wasn't black tank grips but rather a full genuine carbon fibre tank guard made by canyon carbon in the uSA
  17. another comparison shot for the doubting thomases

    Notice the genuine carbon fibre exhaust hanger

    Notice the white plastic clutch cover slider
    Notice the brembo rear master cylinder

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  18. Rofl at how astute mini-geeth is.
  19. maaaaan i bet your stomach dropped seein that ML
  20. Yeah it was a SHAME because for an 11 year old bike it was absolutely immaculate - had I not wanted to use the funds for the helmet business I would not have sold the bike