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LOOK what happened to my GSXR!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Dec 13, 2010.

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  2. I feel your disappointment / pain / amazement shock etc
  3. Ouch. I was waiting to see a pic of the aftermath.
  4. I've been checking a few of their bikes out, I presume they buy them from auction form the insurance companies?

    Is this what happened to yours?
  5. Yeah QBE total loss. Paid me out, no idea what they did with the bike until i saw this.

    That bit of square metal on the front that held the front on was ripped off by my stomach, which is why i can barley use my stomach muscles still after 3 months.

    The guy says the forks look OK but they are bent so is the frame so if anyone was considering buying anything from these guys they are obviously not concerned with the truth.
  6. I'm still waiting to see what the Firestorm looked like after it's little argument with the side of that douche bag's car...
  7. This thread reminded me of the fate of motolegions R1. At least Zealt your gsxr appears to have had a crash and had a proper death.

    The mob that now has your bike is up the road from me and I was tempted to grab a bike off them but didn't want to go thru the fixing process and riding a non lams bike while on lams as most their bikes are non lams.

    MV I believe Michael from Adrenalin Performance specialises in fixing up and selling written off/crashed bikes. His number is 0412429170.
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  9. The forks look bent in the photo... how can they say that they seem fine?!
  10. Rob, they are fine son..No worries mate..

    Till you ride the bastard!
  11. Out of interest, I just sent the selller a question asking if the forks are straight.
  12. HAHA, if he says yeah tell him you know the owner and was told the assessor and Peter Stevens both said the frame and front forks are bent.

    also tell him both pilot power pure tyres are almost brand new! (shame, good rubber)


    Forgot to mention 70k's to 0 in less then a second on those front forks.
  13. I got this back:

    "they look okay but as front wheel is warped i would recommend them checked"
  14. Sounds like hes covering himself if you buy it.
  15. They look okay?


    To who? Picasso?