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Look out world!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Dionikon, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Well I passed my learner's test today!


    Got home at 5:00pm, was out riding by 5:01!

    I'm completely hooked!

    Spent a good hour cruising around my area, sticking to the quieter roads for now. Luckily for me I have a lot of new construction around the area, which means lots of quiet streets and plenty of deserted intersections... the perfect place for me to practice cornering, stopping, starting, and of course cancelling those pesky indicators. ;) The only thing I can't practice is hill starts, there are absolutely no hills around here. :(

    Have tomorrow off work to get the RWC done and my rego changed over, so I'll definitely be burning through a tank or two.

  2. Congratulations.

    Your driveway may provide enough slope for hill start practice. It's about using the controls properly, not the steepness of the hill.
  3. Nice work on getting the green slip!
  4. congrats, now the learning REALLY begins :)
  5. Excellent! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures
  6. And I look forward to having them... :)

    Don't be surprise if you see a black Ducati monster rumbling around your area tomorrow maplegum.
  7. You will love riding through 'my' mountain and surrounds. Too bad I have to work, could have met you on your trip! You will love it!
  8. Didn't make it out your way maplegum, did venture into the traffic a bit though, that was scarier than expected. :eek:

    Managed to clock up about 80 kms around point cook and Werribee south though. Such boring roads in a car made incredibly interesting without the extra wheels.

    Now it's raining so I'm stuck inside. :(
  9. Congrats. I was in your position less than a month ago. Have you made any embarrassing mistakes yet?
  10. no.... wait 20-30 minutes for the slim to wash away and get back out there even in the rain now is the time to learn.
    dont become a FWR, get out there now and learn to deal with any situation so that later on it dont sneak up and catch you unaware.

    ive only been riding again for 4 weeks and ive spent at least 7 days in the wet, getting used to the different road conditions the way the bike handles and so on (and i dont even have wet weather gear lol).
  11. Well done !!!

    Be good for you to get down to the Saturday morn practise :)

    It's not to far for you to get to , and is well worth the time to get there.

    Might even pop down too , before we head off for our overnighter to Heathcote via The Brisbane Ranges , Daylesford etc ..
  12. I wouldn't mind getting to the Saturday sessions Kitt, not sure I'm up to freeways yet though.

    Will see how I'm doing at the end of the week, chances are I'll be good to go by then, there's a lot of evening riding time between now and then.
  13. welcome to the day that changed your life
  14. If you're riding from around Point Cook , head the back way to Williamstown rd ,
    then up over the Westgate , it's prolly posted @ 60km/hr due to road works anyways ,
    then get off @ Todd Rd , and head into St.Kilda that way :),
    not much freeway riding involved that way :)
    and maybe Mr GreyBM or Mr Hawklord could meet you on Williamstown rd ,
    just ask in the Saturday learners thread :)
  15. Well, I had my first freeway experience this evening, albeit very short... On at the point cook rd entrance and then straight off at palmers rd. Not far, no lane changing, but I hit the speed limit by the end of the on ramp (easily) and maintained it until the exit.

    Freeways are probably the thing that's worrying me most about my riding at the moment. Not so much the speed but the dumb things people do at 100+ kph.

    Anyone got any tips for me?
  16. Look at you go Dionikon! Good for you getting out there right away. I'm the same, I want to tackle all kinds of situations right away so that it does not become so overwhelming.

    I actually feel pretty good on the freeways/highways so far. I've done quite a few runs on them now.

    Let me know when you are heading out my way, my hubby and I could meet up with you for a ride.