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Look out world, here I come!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AntiSol, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Yay! The time is nigh!

    Last night I put down a deposit on this. Got it for $4100. I pick it up on Saturday.

    I was so bloody excited last night that I couldn't sleep until about 4am - I simply couldn't stop my mind turning over and over with "I've got a bike! I'm going riding on Saturday! yay! <repeat>"...

    Somehow, I've got a feeling that this is going to be the longest week of my life...

  2. congrats mate..... it's a great feeling when you buy your first bike.... hope to see you at a few of the meets over the coming month
  3. congrats mate :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. congrats, I can't wait to be in your shoes too!
  5. Just in time for MotoGP on the Sunday, well done on your purchase, hope we see you out there soon.
  6. Congrats on your purchase hope you have great fun out there & don't get into too much trouble :)

    LOL it's great isn't it i was the same thing before i picked up mine :LOL:
  7. Hi AntiSol,

    Now the stress of getting your bike is over.

    I remember when I first got my bike, it was harder to find the bike then to get the licence.

    Hope to see you riding around St. Kilda soon.
  8. yes now the stress of not dropping it starts....... :shock: nah have fun and take care out there :wink:
  9. hey AntiSol, that looks great !!! Congrats on your purchase.

    Keep it ruber side down, enjoy :D
  10. Congrats mate :D :D :D

    Enjoy and ride safe.

    :D :D
  11. can some host the pic else where as work has that site blocked
  12. Congratulations, and have a great time with your new toy!
  13. * Yes, you will see me at lots of meets!
    * Unfortunately I will be far too busy learning to not die on the roads this weekend, and I won't care about the MotoGP, Sorry. I would, but I'll be busy. Prolly a good weekend to pick up your first bike though...

    No, Not when you have to get up for work at 6, it's not. at all... ;)

    Hell Yeah! Looking for a bike SUCKED! It's so bloody intimidating, and nobody (except the wonderfull people here on netrider!) does anything to make it easier for you. The Dealers are bastards, the bikes are shoddy and overpriced, and you don't know what you're doing. I found it quite worrying and difficult. You stress that you might be buying a lemon, Or you stress that the bike you're looking at might sell before you make up your mind, or you stress that you won't have it when you want it. Next time it'll be easier though, because I'll have some clue what I'm doing. It did certainly get easier towards the end, because I had decided on a model and I'd looked at a few and (kinda) knew what I was looking for / at...

    I think I've found the solution to this: just don't drop it! ;)

    Stewy: Not allowed to Ebay at work eh? Unfortunately I don't have any hosting space anywhere, but I can email you the pics If you PM me your email addy.

    Thanks guys!

  14. yeah the bastards think that by blocking ebay that i can't find any other sites to waste 8 hrs per day on..... oh boy aren't they wrong :LOL: :wink:

    mate my email should be listed under my msn at the bottom of my post.....
  15. uh... I knew that! ;)

    email sent :)
  16. haha, i know EXACTLY what you mean! when i was picking up mine the night before the guy told me he was going out all day early so i'd have to wait until 7pm, rather than wait i met him at his house (40 min. drive) at 6am and picked it up :D my dad drove me out there (top effort) and thought i was insane, but waiting an extra 8 hours waiting would of killed me


    try not to count the minutes til you get it, you're going to have a ball! :)
  17. YEY!!! another Across 8)

    we're taking over... Today Netriders... Tomorrow the WORLD! bwahahahaaa

    Goodonya Antisol, excellent first bike is the Across, and a great commuter no matter how long you've been riding. There's a ton of info on that site GRoberts posted, god blokes most of them as well.

    Just remember they love to Rev!!

    The 91's are the best by far, <cough> Glad to see it's not Teal, those teal ones suck big time (eh Gromit :p )

  18. Teal??? Is that what it's called? I've just been calling it 'smurf-vomit'... ;)

    cheers mate. Yeah, I am very happy with my choice. See you on the road!

  19. :D :p :LOL:

    Smurf vomit!!! classic!

    See me on the road? you coming down to Tas then.. Winner! when?