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Look from copper

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ayoung, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. I was travelling along Waterworks Road (NW brisbane) this morning, its a 60 zone, four lanes of traffic (two in two out) and I have a car to the left of me and two cars behind him.

    Anyway I noticed a push cyclist up ahead so I decided to move in front of the car to my left and allow room for the car to move around/change lanes with no dramas, I blip the throttle, for not a second and wouldn't have been doing 70, i look up and there is a copper setting up an unmarked speed camera (white ute with canopy) and he is looking at me and shaking his head.

    I just started laughing in my helmet.
  2. yep, they be hatin.
    can't wait for after the holocaust.
    ..."seeya on the road bronze
  3. Funny you say this

    Today i filtered in front of a lot of stopped traffic. A copper was going through the intersection and was the last car through, no doubt ran an orange light, he should know better it would have been illegal to do so in his case. Anyway as he went through he looked at me and mouth words to the effect of either "****wit" or "****ing motorbikes".

    Needless to say the light went green a few seconds later and I took off like a rocket and filtered again later on to avoid him exercising any unprofessional (wow did I just refer to police as professionals?) - ok, immmoral, unethical - bias.

    Yep, he was a highway patrol officer.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Stupid Ahole!...No clue that you were actually riding to the greater good of others around you. You should have stopped and told him to stop shaking his head at you because in that very brief moment you did more for the cars around you that he will in an hour of sitting there on his arse collecting revenue under the guise of road safety.grrrr!

    Good on you, mate!

  6. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, didn't, not worth my time
  7. Unfortunately, not all cops are that understanding and.. he probably would've booked him for that moment just because he wasted a minute of his life . . .

    =D> Good work assessing the situation though.

    I get looks from coppers all the time:butt: they be pervin on me.. waiting for me to filter, speed or you know.. do things us p platers tend to do . .
  8. I was always told that your first responsibility is to avoid an accident and you can break any road rule to do that.....except if you get caught "speeding", especially by a camera....
  9. Yes, it's the defence of "necessity".

    EDIT: Good luck EVER establishing this in court for less than $2000 in professional costs, $1000-$3000 in counsel fees and $500-$2000 for an expert witness report.
  10. Im in the process of it after getting done for ' accelarating at a rapid rate of speed ' to avoid another car swerving all over the road who turned out to be pissed and ran 3 red lights at speeds of at least 160kmh in a 60 zone..

    yet copper came and found me the next day and issued me a hoon notice to surrender vehicle.. and the legal jargin saga begins...
  11. bdzy88 your joking right, that is just wrong, siht like that mystifies me, good luck mate
  12. Nope, no kidding he was deadset.

    Adament that i was racing not trying to avoid an accident.

    We argued for about 20 minutes.
  13. Thanks mate.
  14. Goodluck, certainly consider letting third parties know (ACA, Tabloids) (if it's not before the courts yet)
  15. Good Luck bdzy88, for your sake and others i hope you sort it out in your favor.
  16. Jeeeeesus.

    You need to obtain LEGAL advice.

    But be warned that taking these matters to court presents some issues for you:

    a) depending on the state you live in, the offence may be drafted by the state in a way that it is proven solely on the basis of the act alone, with no requirement of the police to prove your intent to 'race' or 'hoon'.

    b) They will establish this offence and act very easily; word of the police officer against yours. You will never win without many witnesses and credibiliy to their statements. You will need proof of the actions of the other driver and the circumstances of your driving that don't fit with the act required to make out the offence

    c) You are therefore looking at having to raise a defence to the charge, and doing so you are essentially admitting to the facts. A lawyer from your state familiar with the traffic/road code will advise you on this. from the sounds of it the only defense you have is necessity; you can't defend the fact you were speeding and cutting lanes, etc. whatever crap the police "officer" used to establish the hooning ticket

    d) You are looking at gathering evidence from multiple witnesses and preparing a hefty brief for counsel. $1-$2000 of solicitor's costs, plus $1500-$3000 in appearence fees from counsel and additionally, an expert witness from perhaps a defensive driving instructor in your favor, at whatever cost they charge.

    Be aware of the costs involved and ask the solicitor about these. weigh them up against the consequences of the charge. will you get your bike back? will you pay a fine? are you going to suffer from the suspension? what about the increased cost of insurance, is it available at all as a result?

    <<**** I ****ing hate highway patrol coppers!>>
  17. bdzy88, what sort of speed did you accellerate from-to and what was the speed limit, number of lanes, traffic density at the time?