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"Look <-- Bike"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. The other night I stayed at my sisters place. With no where to park my bike (foot path and nature strip to thing and covered with trees / bins) I had no choice but to leave my baby on the road.

    I had it near 90 degrees to the curb a few inches in front of my bro-in-law's unused car. However I had returned late at night, and the car in front was a toorak taxi (4WD). There was maybe 2-3 metres between my bike and the 4WD.

    Not knowing what time said 4WD was set to leave for work, and not knowing what time i'd drag my arse out of bed, I was worried they would just jump in and reverse into my bike like so many of the stories read on here.

    Then the idea came...

    I thought about leaving a note on the drivers side window seal saying; "Look, Bike, please be careful when reversing". Did I mention I got this idea after I woke up and rode to work??

    The second idea came, maybe NR could get cards printed saying something to that effect, and a link to a simple web URL prompting awareness of motorcyclists in general. Something like;


    as opposed to a link that would take 5 minutes to type thus increasing the chance of them looking at it.

    On the page could be an introduction as to why the card was placed by the rider, maybe quoting stat's about bikes been backed into and repair cost figures. Then move onto something like cars not looking for bikes etc, again more stat's etc etc... Could help us live longer??


    If this turns out to be a great idea, I hereby claim all praise and thanks.
    If this has been suggested before and dropped, I claim ignorance.
    If this turns out to be a shit idea, I know nothing about it.

  2. Considering the amount of *Under windscreen wiper* advertising that i see litterd on the ground, this may work... But i am betting against it.

    Netrider would possibly cop a cleanup fine for all the litterd business cards! (I am partially joking, i have NFI)

    If you are worried about someone backing into your parked bike then there must be a way of making yourself known better.
    I know that in all situations it isnt possible, but maybe we can all brainstorm on ways we made ourselves more visible when parked, rather than the usual when we are moving...

    But in any case, 'gratz on thinking of something like this!
  3. Get one of those train horns installed and then a heap of sensors on your bike - if something comes within say 5 mtrs the horn does its job and scares the bejesus out of the person or thing :)
  4. Go for your life, maybe some nice person will key a thank you message on your tank for helping them avoid hitting it.
  5. U know what browny... I think you might be onto something.

    Browning points for browwnyy!!!! :p :LOL:

    But seriously i think that's a good idea! I often slip a note onto cars asking politely for them to consider the ease of which they could knock the bike over.

    I would take to an initiative like this like a duck to water. I'd still keep up the habit of noting down their registration before i leave though! :LOL:
  6. I've said this my entire life, you notice how everyone wants my points not Zealt points, not Sirian Sun points, not Not4Resale points, mine!!! Brownyy!! Brownyy points!!

    **climbs back into box**
  7. Hell, I suggest an EOI for a naked ride to raise awareness for motorcyclists on the road like that TV ad. Not sure if it was the idea in general or the fact I raised it just before winter...
  8. they have one in auckland
  9. That’s a very good idea browwnyy. An excellent one in fact.
    Unfortunately in this state you'd be done for "depositing litter" and that will set you back $234 and the same for anyone/company advertising on the card.
    Don’t that sh!t ya……. :evil:
  10. Brick

    Just put a few bricks under their wheels.
  11. Paint bike hot pink.
  12. CCTV cameras on bike and full insurance just incase.
  13. .... or put a bikie gang patch on it.
    With "Guns dont kill people, I kill people" sticker to boot.
  14. "Go Ahead - Make My Day, Punk !"
  15. Couldn't be too hard to adapt a parking sensor system from a car for this - install sensors in side fairing/mount on frame whatever, sensors trigger godawful alarm/horn.

    Must be someone here cluey enough with electrics...
  16. A friend of mine a few years ago, did not have a garage or carport, got an old van with no rego, welded a slidding ramp in, and left the van in the street and rode the bike into the back every night..No Joke.

    Do you not have a lounge room?
    My neighbours brand new R1 was pinched from our security car park, so me and my Unit Mate either left them (my blade his R1) in the loung room or rode right through the unit into the little back yard bit for storage, nothing beats having to walk past your bike to get to the kitchen.

    p.s stairs are difficult on a big sports bike but can be done, its the landing turns that it cant get around. Although they will fit into most lifts.
  17. so it scares the driver and they floor it into and over the bike, holding the pedal on the floor until the cage comes to rest on the next cage... :p
  18. In Victoria the Van would get a fine, possible towed? For parking on the street without registration! If you run into an unregistered car parked on the street, it's the owner of the said unregistered car's fault :wink: how's that for stupidity!
  19. Read my OP. I stated I was staying at my sisters and did not have a chance to park it anywhere else but on the street. My bike lives in a garage at home, undercover and secure at work and I generally try to keep it that way.

    The reason for this thread was in the off chance someone can not park out of reversing cars' ways, such as shopping centers and residential streets etc, thus giving them the option of placing a card on a particular car's drivers window.
  20. You should've had the 4WD towed away...just in case.