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Look at these geniuses

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Shocking! :grin:
  2. G'day everyone,.....

    Don't worry mate,....
    Natural selection will remove them from the gean POOL in SHORT order!!
    :grin: :shock: :cool:

    Dr Who?
  3. That's shocking ;)
  4. all that to get power to what, a grill.... stupid, stupid people....
  5. Ah, they probably have a safety switch installed in the mains so whatever goofy thing they do (as per photo) doesn't have much to say in the big scheme of things of death and the such except that they are more likely to walk onto a busy highway without caring if cars are on it or what not.

    Hear the one about the 2 seals that walked into a club? *boom*
  6. bah !

    RCDs to the rescue !!!!
  7. Thats gotta be a setup, but still a bloody funny one! Thats a classic!
  8. If they were fair dinkum, there would be a hairdryer in the shot.
  9. . . . or even Piranhas and a JellyBottle or two !!
  10. Yeah, and some amyl nitrate too.
  11. yeah, and Britney Spears pregnant 16y/o sister !

    yeah !
    yeah, like what eva !
  12. Yep, and she would be "commando" like her big sis. Gotta show the caesar scar.
  13. yeah, because beavers are waterborne mammals and clams are waterborne molluscs, makes sense being part of the pool party because there is water.
  14. this has to be up for the most random thread ever...well done guys :LOL:
  15. I'm pretty sure Micky was on some post-surgery painkillers and my thread was just 'in the right place at the wrong time'... :p