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look at moi

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. went for a nice ride on fridaylookie here loving every second of it.

  2. Great pic Alan!
  3. You have to be happy with that shot. Nicely done
  4. Looks like a nice ride indeed :)
    I look at pics like that though and wonder if the rider wasn't hanging off the bike so much, he could have got the angle of the bike down lower and close to the road and thus a better/faster corner?
  5. Mmmmm quite true jason. i had to learn to take my knee off the track to gain more corner speed. now it is just a guage as to how far im tilted over. On a corner like syberia it's not a real sharp turn. and my leg does not inhibit my lean angle. If i need more lean i simply tuck my leg in more and hey presto... more lean angle!

    You should come down and show me how its done (once you are all fixed up of course!) I'm only doing 2:00 laps now after around 15 or so ride days. maybe you could coach :?
  6. Not me. You'd most likely be doing a far better job than I. Certainly wasn't query'ing your riding style, it just made me think of some theory behind the whole corner mechanics is all, and a wonderment about that theory.
  7. WOW :shock: That's a great pic :D

    But I couldn't see your face to see if you were having fun or not...

    I'm guessing you were :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. you should still come down soon though dude... Best friggin road in australia :)
  9. interesting comment..
    and maybe worth its own thread
    more bike lean does not mean more speed
    or so
    the instructors at the various schools I have attended tell me

    it comes down to the angle where the combined weight of the rider and bike is trying to tilt around an imaginary pivot point during the corner
    the more the bike is kept upright (up to a point, balanced by a rider)
    the greater the grip of the bike and the greater the possible corner speed
    of course
    this has to be offset by the centrifigal force generated during the corner
    (which requires the rider to lean the bike)
    all in all...one hell of a balancing act

    and btw
    a great photo...get it framed


    Cheers 8)
  11. Is that 3 sparks I see in the pic coming off your knee scrappers, Alan?
  12. Great Pic Alan :)

    Was that at PI track?
  13. sure is :twisted: well spotted :wink:
    and yep that'd be taken from the inside of syberia (turn 6) at P.I.
  14. damn nice pic
  15. Great pic!!
  16. Isn't the idea of hanging off the bike to lower the CofG so that the bike doesn't have to be leaned as far in order to achieve the same corner speed?

    I think that Michael Doohan talks about this in a recent issue of AMCN. Will have to chase it up and re-read it.

    Still, I'm impressed. Me, I'd be steering my bike through that corner.......

  17. I don't go for nice rides anymore...my arse gets too sore.
    I've been as far south from Sydney as Nowra at least I almost made it to Nowra. i stopped, got off the bike for a rest and decided to wait for a semi trailer to get in behind because the bugs were hitting and splotting on my riding gear. it was just after dusk(sunset). No semi trailers came by.