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Loobman Chain Oiler - group buy

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by revken, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Just to let you know that we are organising a group buy of the Loobman Chain Oiler from the UK - http://www.loobman.com If anyone is interested, pm me on netrider, and I'll put your names down. They will cost $25 to Melbourne for personal pickup, postage interstate is extra. Cheers.

  2. I'll be in that. Sounds heaps simpler than a scottoiler and hopefully it'll solve my chain buggering problems. Any idea when they're expected to arrive?
  3. correction... I thought they were similar to hawke oilers... but no... I dont want to tarnish my bikes good looks with a little bottle that pokes out...
  4. You just need to find a better place to put it.
    I mean, you got three square miles of fibreglass around it, stick in behind the fairing.
  5. Yeah put me down for one, I cant stand that sticky shit lube you get in a can, makes a mess of your wheels.
  6. those who would like one, please pm me. thanks.
  7. the required number for the orders have been filled. as soon as the money has been recieved I will place the order. no more takers please for this one. Ken.
  8. For those people who have put their names down for this order, I am still waiting for some money to come in by mail. I am also leaving for NZ for a couple of weeks on Wednesday 28th, so unless it arrives in the post before 12noon that day, I wont be placing the order until I get back on the 9th. My apologies about the delay, but due to having to wait, it cant be helped. Thanks. Rev Ken.
  9. Marty if you need to sell them I will gladly take them of your hands.
  10. they are ordered. hopefully arrive in a few weeks. Ken in NZ
  11. Woo... And indeed, hoo!
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for doing the order :)
  13. no worries dudes, having a good time in NZ, wish I had my bike with me though, need it to piss off on when the kids are getting to me, arguing and stuff. roads here are brilliant. pity about the snow and wind and rain and hail I guess.
  14. Eny word on thus shupmunt yit RuvKin?

    End Heows New Zulland treating you?
  15. Eating luts of fush and chups?
  16. it will take a few weeks I suspect. the first lot hasnt arrived yet, so the second will be a little while yet. will keep you posted.
  17. Any news yet?
  18. should be any day now, I hope, will let you know. the first lot arrived, fitted mine today, be prepared for a bit of stuffing around.