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Longtime Rider... Brand new to Enduro

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Hey there Guys and Gals, First post in quite a while. I'm a long time road rider who has just decided to take the plunge and enter the murky/dusty world of enduro riding. Just put an offer in on a '07 WR250F in good nick and am now pricing out etc all the required safety gear. Now it seems Enduro is one place where having all the latest and greatest safety gear is not frowned upon (and rightly so).

    So far I believe I'm up for:

    Helmet & Goggles,

    Jersey and riding pants,

    Kidney Belt,

    Gloves / Boots,

    Knee Guards,

    Now here's the tricky part:

    I body armour a must have? I'm tending to think umm hell yeah but some of my MX friends say no. Just getting another opinion. If so (and I'm leaning towards it) what sort? the body suit under jersey style or the good ol' fox over the top style?

    Also Neck protectors? All the top enduo riders seem to be wearing them but not so many of the MX crowd. Anyone know a decent one that won't set me back $700.00? Or maybe order from the states?

    All feedback welcome ;-)


  2. hey mate welcome to the dark side no speed limits here. lol. body armor is a must have in my books at least. i have the full upper body great for winter but shit over 25 degrees and the lighter rock guard plastic thing for above that. also a good idea to have some elbow guards. and some good socks.

    try looking on ebay US for cheap prices most stores will package stuff together.

    Great bike choice as well.
  3. 700 hundred dollars is nothing,
    compared to 9 months minimum with your head held up with scafolding screwed into your scull so it can't move a millimetre...and then when they finally take all that crap of your head just falls over because theres zero muscle left to hold it up.

    roost guard is important too...ever seen a sharp stick end up wedged in one.

    this is your new hobby now, sourcing/finding/collecting the best enduro riding gear you can afford.

    besides, dressing up in all that armour like some sort of dirt warrior is fun.
  4. neck protectors such as a leatt brace can save you. sure, you might break a collarbone or something when all the force gets transferred, but i'd much rather that than a broken neck.

    my dad bought one just before he did the finke desert race (google it, pretty full on) for the 2nd time and he had a huge get off at over 140kph and landed on his head and didn't even get a sore neck. broke and dislocated his shoulder though, but you can imagine what would have happened without the brace.

    i wear one each time i go out on my dirt bike, regardless what terrain, and if set up correctly you hardly notice it.

    as for roost guards, i just run the plastic outer one, i find the under jersey ones too constricting, but each to their own.
  5. Ok, thanks for the replies guys...
    I ended up going with a brand new DRZ400 instead of the WR250. Was the same price brand new ride away.

    Ok so I ended up going the whole hog so to speak. Got myself a nice Shoei Helmet and Alpinestar Tech 7 boots from the states for dirt cheap. And I picked up the Empire over armour and a leatt clubman neck brace. Couldn't justify the extra money for the Sport one. Got Jersey / Pants, Thor Force Knee guards, (next o'seas purchase will be knee braces). Kidney belt and all the other little bits. Man! gear is 1/4 of the price of the bike! lol I never spent that much on my road gear! well actually i prob have just not all at once.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll post up a ride report after my first organised trail ride (21/22 March at Quinnalow) Anyone coming? Should be fun. The last ride I went to there was on my 1987 XT250 when I was 17. It sucked so bad lol getting blown past by all the 2 stroke weapons lol. Now I know I'll be flogged by the pure enduro bikes but it will be quite a while before I can push the DZ to it's limits... When I can then a WR450 might be next ;-)

    Cheers Guys,