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Longtime member but still newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by warnabrother, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. G'day all..

    Been a member for a while.. but have been riding dirtbikes so have not posted much..

    Have just bought a DL650 Vstrom so should be here a little more..


  2. Welcome, the VStorm is a great bike ... was considering it myself against the M50 ... in the end the M50 was more my style ...

    How you finding the VStorm ?

  3. pretty awsome mate..

    Mrs and I are off to Tassie for 2 weeks on it.. can't wait
  4. Yep ... lucky you ... you doing the camping thing? or roughing it up in lodges :wink:

  5. camping.. roughing it and loving it

    with maybe a cabin thrown in here or there
  6. Sounds great ... be sure to post some pics or write up a ride diary ... I'd be interested in doing TAS myself one of these days.

    When do you leave?

  7. Hey Warna

    bloody hell I am finding you everywhere :shock: :LOL:

    see ya somewhere in Tassie for a V-strom meet :p

  8. hehe - yep.. I'm everywhere :LOL:

    still trying to work out where I am going to fit everything for 2 people camping... :shock:

    hey - do you know if the ferry provides tie downs for the boat trip ??
  9. hmmm thats a very good question.....
    I think I remember reading somewhere about their tie down techniques but not sure
    Can one of the recent Tassie travellers help with this question??
    otherwise might have to give them a ring or email

    We are both travelling with the kids on the back
    but we are not camping like you but still unsure as to where to put everything
    I hope to get my panniers this next week or two

  10. Hey Stromer, did you hear anything about the tassie ferry and bike travel?

    Maybe post it as a question under roads, touring, etc ?

  11. The ferry does provide tie downs, and do the tying down for you. Just leave the steering unlocked for them.

    Depending on what mood they're in when you dock, they may or may not remove the tiedowns for you as well (they did when I arrived in Tassie, but didn't back at Melbourne).
  12. Thanks so much for posting the answer to that
    I didnt ring them to check
    as I forgot all about it actually :oops:
  13. yep.. thanks mate..

    I actually found my answer today as well on the Spirit's website..

    was just about to PM you Tracey