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Longest you HAVEN'T logged into Netrider

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. I just realised I haven't been logged in to Netrider since just before 5pm last Thursday (some 1700 new posts to plow through).

    I've had access to computers between trips away but just didn't get the urge to log in until a few hours ago to check e-mails and the many forums I lurk around.

    So the question is "What's the longest you've avoided looking at Netrider when you had access".

    I don't mean when you were away on holidays or not able to access the internet.
  2. pffftttt
  3. Edit: he didn't really, i just thought it might get a giggle...

    (Love your work Paul...)
  4. I was away for a month or so. I really missed you guys!
  5. october 19th was the time before this i logged on
  6. ROFL, your cruel :LOL:
  7. Hornet600: Hi My Names Hornet600
    Everyone: Hi Hornet600
    Hornet600: And I'm a NetRideraholic.
    Everyone: *claps*
    Hornet600: It's been 3 minutes since my last post, and I think I can quit for good this time!
    Everyone: *claps*

  8. Last logged in (before today) - Tuesday October 11th 2005

  9. once i didnt log on for a week and man there was so much to catch up on it was ridiculous..
  10. That's NOT true; I can give up any time I want to.......
  11. logged off ...Sep19
    and left the country

    returned...Oct25 and logged on
    next day Oct 26
    just on 6 weeks off here :(
    about a squillion, geez you lot post lots

    great holiday but.!
  12. Yeh yeh, try 7 years!

  13. I got banned for a week once, so I'd say about a week
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  14. just over a month... pretty much from the time the bike went to the mechanic to when I got it back :) Didn't really want to know what I was missing out on.
  15. Like Udlose, got banned for a week so that'd be it.
  16. Right now been in school for 2 months and only ridden once in that time. That's a record too. Keen for this weekend getting out!
  17. A week?? you wuss ...

    try harder

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  18. Not bad, a thread of mine reappearing after 8 years.............
  19. PAUL, haven't seen you for ages!
    Yes there's been a bit of thread resurrection going on lately...
  20. I'm not dead yet :)

    I'm still looking but there just isn't the threads that need my special skills at the moment ;)