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Longest twistiest road in NSW?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by GJ384, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. So I'm trying to work out where I might find, as the title implies, the longest stretch of twisties in NSW. Thus far the best contender seems to be Alpine Way from Thredbo to Khancoban:


    71.7km all up, and I have seen (somewhere?) a photo of one of those orange "winding road ahead" squiggly line signs with a distance of about 65km or so posted underneath it.

    The quest is to find the road, ride it (most likely as part of a longer journey), and take an obligatory cheesy photo of the bike parked in front of the abovementioned sign.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. The Alpine is a great road. The Oxley Highway west of Wauchope is only about 44kms but it's a much more frantic ride...
  3. The problem with the first road meanioned is its a dead end.I like loops,The Snowy Mountains Hwy from Cooma via Mt Selwin to Kancobin and back via Dead Horse Gap back to Cooma.Thats realy remote country out there,not much traffic so you have a problem and it takes a while to get help.My favorite is the road to either Deligate or Dalgetty,I get them confused,its a 175ks of 35kph bends.Its just brilent.But also in Victoria.
  4. Suzuki gs500 not hornet
  5. Yeah, but it was a nice giggle!
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  6. How so?

    Nothing wrong with dead ends either. Means you have to go back...
    Those dead end roads often have a habit of being untravelable towards the end though.
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    Some of the best rads to ride are dead ends.

    The road to Erskine Falls near Lorne is a great road to ride, and on a hot day a great place to have a stop. There's a bit of gravel towards the end (if you miss the falls turnoff) but it's not too bad to ride on either.
  8. Riding them in both directions gives a different perspective as well
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  9. I've done Khancoban to Thredbo a number of times (opposite direction to yours) and don't love it. It's downhill, surface is rough to very rough at best, locals/ caravans use the entire road so you get that feeling around every bend you might be facing a head on. I only do it in this direction because I love the ride from Tumut down through Tumbarumba and also Thredbo to Jindy is amazing so for me the pay off is doing the Khancoban stretch in the "wrong direction".

    My vote then currently is Eden to Narooma. It's more sweeper than twistie but a heck of a ride.

    Uphill would be better but for me it's not a flat out area due to the surface/ traffic. Doing the Oxley in two weeks so will report back.
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    Fair enough with the dead ends.I also have a problem doing laps of the same road.I don't know why but for me it doesn't work.I have done the Oxley once years ago and downhill as well,sometime this year I want to do it uphill and tie it into The Waterfall Way and the bike museum on the coast up that way.Pretty keen on The Imlay Rd but I heard its been chopped up a lot with the jinka action
  11. Elliot Way - Cabramurra/Khancoban road is about 115km.

    The Bonang (not completely in NSW) is about the same.
  12. Surely there's no such thing as a dead-end road, unless it's marked as such? I've only done the Alpine once, but it was on the way from Melbourne to home in Wollongong.
    And with the Oxley, if you keep going at the top, you get onto 100kms of boring straights til you get to Walcha...
  13. It's not _too_ bad going east to west (uphill). There are a couple of corners with pot holes that could swallow a smaller bike whole, but apart from that it's fine :)

    The log trucks are laden down, empty back.
  14. Unless you have permission to drive up Mt Kosciusko the road ends at Charlot's Pass,had a read of the first post and I got it all wrong.The first post refereed to The Alpine Way,thats also part of the loop I was on about that goes from Cooma to Mt Selwiin and back on The Alpine Way past Threadbo.Its a big loop but out past Mt Selwin you are lucky to see anyone,take care out there.Must read better.Anyway doesn't matter which was you go down there JUST DO IT.
  15. Two mates and myself are doing a half lap of the country at the end of this month. From Khancoban past Jindabyne to Cooma is supposed to be one of the highlights of the trip. Anyone know what the road is like at the moment?
  16. Narrow with lots of sticks on road and blood sucking parasitic flies around that give a hell of a bite.
  17. Gwydir Highway,Grafton to Glenn Innes. Over 170 kms of windies.

  18. did it a fortnight ago... all good

    However, it is starting to get heavily policed between Khancoban and Geehi.