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Longest ride yet, a doddle for some, a numb butt for me.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by PhilC, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Saturday morning rolled around and the weather looked pretty darn good. Trinny and I had decided that so long as the rain kept away we'd head out for a decent 1/2 day ride.

    Met up early at the Mobil on Lane Cove Rd, topped up the tank, set the type pressure and had a short discussion to select a route...

    Really I didn't give too much thought to how far exactly we'd be going when I suggested we go for a run up Putty rd. I'd only ever ridden the first 1/2 (2nd base? ) and Trinny was a Putty virgin.

    So, off we set - M2 on to Old Windsor Rd, up through Windsor etc...

    Rocked into an Ampol service station I'm sure many here know well, average coffee but still nice and warm given the early start in summer gear. Big fry-up brekky that I'll try to work off at the gym tomorrow.

    With the rider ballast properly adjusted we kicked off for Singleton, awesome run, a reasonable pace and only about 3 specs of water on the visor from a slightly ominous looking cloud.

    By the time we hit Singleton a fair chunk of go juice had been consumed so we filled up and stretched out the back muscles ready for the second leg. Over towards Newcastle on the Golden & New England Hwys. Some nice towns but a bit crowded :(. Jumped on to the Freeway to make up some miles on the home-bound journey.

    By this time my butt was starting to feel the effects of a long ride, going a little numb, the traffic was flowing well though, and we were able to flow on past the poor cage drivers on a day that was rapidly becoming stunning. I probably looked like I was trying to be Valentino as I leant down towards the visor and shifted my butt back on the seat; seriously I was just trying to give the cheeks a rest :oops:

    A rest stop was necessary about 30k's out from Gosford to let my ass wake up again and so I could outline the last stage of my master plan. Given we were running to a time-frame we stayed on the Freeway until Peats Ridge, finally leaving the 3 straight lanes of tedium and getting back onto something worth riding.

    I have to say that on the bends of the old Pac, the suggested speeds seem extremely slow when you've been doing 80-110 zone speeds most of the day. Er at least I'm sure they would seem slow, obviously we had a reasonable buffer between us and the suggested speed to maximise safety ;) and enjoyment :grin:

    Final pit stop at Pie in the Sky at 2pm for a light lunch and a decent break before the run home.

    I know the route describe above is probably very pedestrian for some riders here, but at 450k's round trip it was the longest ride I've tackled so far and it brought a smile to my dial many a time.


    (map approximation only 'cos I don't know how to work it and 'cos it does something funny around the exit to Peats Ridge rd no matter what I do)

    Safe riding fella's.
  2. Reads like a decent run to me and I know I'd be shifting about on the seat too. Problem is that as the rider, I can't spend all that much time admiring the scenery, at least not as much as the pillion can ~ I'd be focusing on the road surface ahead of me.
  3. i find if i'm going the backroads and haing to turn and shift about a fair bit or even some i feel ok butt wise and can ride for ages, if i go on a freeway for any length of time and am just sitting still, i get numbess ass'us real quick and feel uncomfortable, but then again kawasaki did make my seat out of recycled bricks i am sure
  4. Agreed, waedwe!

    I find time passes much faster on a scenic winding road than when you're watching the kilometres count down on the superslab, too.
  5. That was easily the best ride I have been on and definitely the longest. Those fast(for me anyway) long bends were awesome. That was a really great varied ride with the faster bends of putty then the slower tighter bends of the old pac. Great way to get the k's up on the bike and spend Saturday morning!

    Thanks for planning the ride and letting me tag along Phil :grin:
  6. I wouldn't call 450ks a 'doodle'. Sounded like a fun ride Phil !
  7. I think I saw you guys! :)
    Do you remember seeing a big orange bike on the Putty?

    Definitely a perfect day for it... well done on extending your range. :cool:
  8. Yeah, I saw you Dekker. (Briefly as you passed ;) )
  9. haha yeah i remember...you were like, see ya! :)

    it was a great day for a ride, really looking forward for the next decent ride
  10. <--- goes to oil chain and check long range forecast.
  11. So how do you find the seat on those longer rides?
    (I'll be doing a longer ride this weekend, first on this bike :wink: )
  12. It gets a bit uncomfortable after several hundred kays, but certainly no worse than your typical sportsbike. The extra legroom is good... I used to get leg cramps on my old suzi gs500, but that doesn't happen anymore. I think my biggest problem on longer rides is getting a sore neck from the wind blast.

    I'd be interested to hear how you pull up after the weekend. :?:
  13. I don't get in here often these days Phil & Trinny but congrats on a good ride. Don't get hung up on what some think as a big or small ride. You got out there and rode rather than the same old ride many do. That's great.
  14. i'm thinking of investing in one of those airhawk seats and seeing how different i pull up after a days ride, bikes great for everything else but the way too hard seat
  15. That's a pretty good effort, mate. And some very technical sections in there, too. They are worth double kilometres, when bragging.
  16. Do you move about, shift your weight and swap pegs. Its the not moving that gets most people. I know on many sports type bikes and cruisers you can't stand up but that also helps, its what I do every couple hours.

    Airhawk is fine, small sheepskin may also help and is cheaper. No need to be flash just a piece will do.
  17. i stand on my pegs and stretch whenever i can if i'm feeling sore it's fairly easy on my bike to do and it helps, and shift about in corners too, probably just boils down to adjusting to longer rides and getting more used to them body wise as opposed to the normal weekday commutes, will try a sheepskin 1st and see how it goes, the wifey can cut it to shape good hopefully :grin: thanks davo
  18. Happy to help. A lot of it does just come down to practice or doing it more. Lots of riders do one big ride, get stuffed and rooted and never do another. That's like saying you are going to run a half marathon without ever running more than a klm or so. You work up to it and the more you do it the easier it becomes.

    Have fun on the road, lots of places to see.
  19. I'll answer this here because it goes to the OPs dilemma as well.

    The Hun was bloody brilliant mate! :grin:

    I've done this run on two other bikes, older VFR (bearable) and Speed Triple (only just bearable). On this bike it was comfy all the way (450km per day). It comes down to two things, the ergonomics and the seat.

    The seat on the SM allows you to move around all over the place, rather than lock you into one position so you can ease the pressure on the contact points. That, plus good springy padding in the right place and no sharp ridges. Sore neck was apparent, but only after extended freeway section, and not bad enough to worry about.

    An aftermarket seat might be the solution on some bikes.

    Couple of tips: Try to avoid wearing a backpack, as the extra weight through the seat doesn't help. Sheepskins do help if you need it. Bicycle nicks with padding also help a bit. And get some miles under you - with experience the pain fades, honestly.