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longer engine life

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by timbo79, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. does a lower reving engine = longer engine life e.g a bandit 1250 which has heps of tourqe so you dont have to rev much to get the power compared to say a sports 600 or 1000 which you have to rev heaps.....

  2. In general, yes.

    Riding style has a LOT to do with it, also maintenance.

    You will also find that the lower revving style of motor is usually
    in bikes which are heavier, allowing the engine designers to use a little
    bit of extra metal here and there to extend the life of the motor.
  3. A lot of it is related to piston speeds. An engine with a long stroke means the piston accelerates over a longer distance and thus reaches a higher speed then an engine with a short stroke. It then undergoes a higher force when it has to change direction at the end of the stroke. This is why 250 four cylinders can rev to seemingly infinity- they have a tiny little stroke. But that said, lower revving engines do seem to last longer (heavy truck engines last almost forever) but it can be like comparing apples and nectarines. :cool:
  4. The thing that seems to go wrong most often these days is valve seals (and usually the stems rather than the seats).
    Not the end of the world, except for the cost of the labour involved in getting it fixed nowadays. Most bikes your looking around $1500+.
    And many people choose to trade in rather than pay that.
    IMHO it's the quality off the engineering that most affects the life of an engine, but having said that, a bike that's had it's ring revved out will obviously show more top end wear than something that's been cruised.
  5. Your theory is fairly sound, except that I don't ever remember having the rev any litre bike I had/rode to the ying yang yo get it to go.

    Litre bikes are some of the laziest motors around..