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Long Weekend - what did you get up to?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hiyas !

    What wonderful exciting things did you get up to over the long weekend?

    My kids came down from Sydney on Friday night and flew back last night. We had a great time, didn't do a HUUUUUGE amount, but spent time together and that's what really counts. I helped my daughter put together a presentation on Heavy Rock music. It was fun. She picked that specifically knowing that I was a far better resource than Google could ever provide. Smart girl ;) We went out to dinner on Sat night and then watched a couple of DVD's, I showed my boy how to upload music to his new iPod Nano.

    Sunday we went to Science Works and then to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Springvale. Came home and played pool.

    Yesterday we played pool again, and just mucked around a bit, went out for lunch then back and watched yet another DVD, then headed for the airport.

    I was sad when they got onboard to fly back to Sydney, I always do.

    BUT, they're back down in 3 weeks for 10 days during their school holidays. It will be all good then !
  2. 3.5 day LAN party.

    My bike was stolen a month ago so no riding : /
  3. moved most of our stuff to new house.

    now living in an empty shell for a week till the movers take all the heavy furniture.
  4. Hmm, I bought the Ixon "Satanic" (heh) jacket from a dude on ebay in Point Cook. Jacket fitted perfect :grin: Paid $200 for it, it's advertised at places online for $650 and it was worn 2 times at most as it was too big and his first ride, "He got scared of traffic and decided not to ride for time being. His loss, my great gain!. That was Friday night.

    On Saturday , we rode my bike (my girlfriend/fiancee) to my parents house about 150 kms from my place. On the way there, visited my friend who owns "Pratt & Osbourne" motorbike shop in Geelong and found out it's having a "Closing Down Sale" :eek: Peter mentioned he isn't making much moolah from it and working 6 LONG, BUSY days per week isn't much incentive to keep going. He thinks he will open a Ducati (only?) shop in the near future.

    In my parents area, we went to a celtic festival that was on Saturday in PortArlington, bought a few things there, I rode the bike around the coast there for a while, was AWESOME! Visited an old mate I've known for just on 21 years, hung out, came back home. Caught up with my parents for a while, good fun :)

    Sunday involved riding to Geelong, buying some stuff, rode back home. A good 400 or 500 kms down, lots with pillion. It sems my shoulder is getting stronger :grin: Caught up on washing clothes + cleaning up the house. Went house hunting on the net, I/we want to buy a house once my arm + shoulder heals and I start working again. Looks like we'll get somewhere in between Geelong + Melbourne so we can visit our parents (we both grew up there) and see friends/work in Melbourne. Probably buy around Werribee, Hoppers crossing or something?

    Visited a friend on Monday and that's where the bike fell over, either wind or someone pushed it. Hmmm :evil: Pics of the damage at here After that incident came home and moped about it. Oh well, stuff happens, I wasn't injured, that's more important.. I guess ;)

    In between that, I managed to do physio exercises for my shoulder/arm each day 2 to 3 times. Watched a couple movies at home, the GP race (woot!) and some crime stuff on foxtel.

    Now I just caught up with my housemate who went to a music festival (a bush doof for people in the know) which I most probably would have been to if I didn't get injured last year. Also visited 3 doctors/specialists today to evaluate myself at present and get more pain meds. Using a new chemist who recently opened up semi close to home (not as close as the old chemist but it's a good way to do "forced" exercise to get there :) ) and they let me know they can bill TAC directly instead of me paying $$ each week or two (usually $200-$300 a pop) and I send off the receipts to TAC to get reimbursed.. after a while.. Now I won't have to have $400 to $800 at a time "floating about" waiting for TAC to reimburse me :grin:

    Not a bad 3-4 "long" weekend even tho every day is a weekend for me whilst I'm healing :? Now watching the 3 Spidermans on DVD in a row for a spidey marathon as it's helping me procrastinate about getting the 675 repaired for $$$ and helping me "feel ok" in the meantime:) Also now when I finish this post I can continue on filling out the $500 reimbursement for pain meds for past 2-3 weeks (Just spent $210 for todays stuff :shock: )


    Emma just walked in the door and gave me todays mail. 4 bits of stuff for me, some is bike stuff I bought from ebay which I forgot about. heh. A helmet bag so I can carry it on my shoulder (or Emma) when we ride somewhere. I also bought a "no name" GPS unit for $300 which looks to be good. I'm starting to get over TomTom. No response on repair related stuff I want for their "Rider" GPS unit..
  5. Wow, they've been there for as long as I can remember. Looks like another PS Suzuki dealership on the way.
  6. Worked nightshift Friday night. Arvo shift Saturday and then spent all day in bed crook Sunday and Moday :evil: :cry: :roll: Actually I did manage a 300k round trip on Monday arvo to Castlemaine but I froze my butt off in the process. Pretty crappy weekend all round actually........... yeah I know, boo hoo, get out your "world's smallest violin" :LOL:
  7. Yeah, funnily enough I knew the (original?) part owner of Pratt & Osbourne, probably when I was 16ish? And riding my mates RD250 I think back then and '89 GSX(R 750?) Anyway, the daughter of the "Osbourne" side was a friend of mine and she lived in St Leonards. I've been intertwined with that bike shop for a fair while. Usually knowing each owner in one form or another. Geelong is like that, about 3 degrees of separation of everyone else.
  8. Rode up to the Wintersun Rally up at Mildura Motorsports complex run by the Ulysses club with a couple of guys and met some people we knew up there (who came from other destinations).

    Then (more or less in order) we drank beer, slept, woke up, went in the gymkhana, won rally port and beer, drunk port, drunk beer, slept, rode home .

    Fairly typical bike rally stuff :)
  9. Let my girlfriend have a ride on my bike, she's booked in for her pre-L's in two weekends, so i thought i'd give her a head start! Bloody hell she's better than i was (don't tell her that :p )
  10. not enough lol :)
  11. cruised up to black duck valley for some fmx practice.
  12. light pace cruise with a bunch of "less youthful" :p riders to opossum bay with a free bbq, stayed up till 4am with some mates drinking and watching angel box sets....bugger all else.
  13. B'day dinner Friday, cleaning Sat, dinner party Sat night, bum around Sun morning, check on my broom broom in Hospital Jason Sun arvo, another little dinner party thingo Sun night, lunch and a DVD Monday, bum around Monday night *takes a breath*

    And a whole lotta cuddles thrown in :grin: :LOL:
  14. Friday:
    Saw boo for her birthday :)

    Bum around...
    Dinner with a few friends, incl a spa :)

    Help a friend move stuff and have lunch with 'im
    Dinner do

    Bum around again...

    So relaxing over all... little tiring tho, restless sleep at time :twisted:
  15. Worked Saturday - 4 hours at time and a half.

    Worked Sunday - 10 hours at time and half.

    Worked Monday - 10 hours at double time and a half.
  16. Friday night - drinks with workmates and other mates for a very special person's 50th.

    Saturday - recovered

    Saturday night - dinner with family for a very special person's 50th.

    Sunday - recovered. Played with new grand daughter. Helped son-in-law fix electrical problem on car.

    Monday - dayshift (yep, public hol rates).
  17. Lets see.........

    Spent Thurs in bed with Flu
    Spent Fri in bed with Flu
    Spent Sat in Bed with Flu
    Spent Sun in Bed with Flu -- Shot my load overy the MotoGP
    Spent Monday at MCG at Melb Presidents lunch and watch the Dees flog a hapless Magpie outfit
    Spent Tue at home trying to put a detailed business plan together
  18. Saturday: getting ready for my wife to go into hospital
    Sunday: Preached at Goulburn in the AM, stayed home rest of day, poured with rain
    Monday: skies cleared, finished preparation for hospital stay, rode down to Jamberoo, up to Robertson Pie Shop and home.

    About as boring as it gets, really :LOL:.
  19. Well it is exam season for all us uni students... So i didn't do much study.

    Had Saturday off for my b'day and went riding out the back of Mt. Mee.

    Worked Sunday all day.

    Studied Monday, half heartedly... Procrastination is addictive, don't start or you won't stop.
  20. :shock: :shock: