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Long wearing tyre advice please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by the mole, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a long wearing back tyre for my GS500, most of my riding is 220 km round trip to work each day on motorway, so I'm happy to trade a bit of grip for better wear. The standard Bridgestone Battlaxe BT45 is more than half worn now at 8000km. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. My advice. Dont sneeze at 8000k out of half a tyre. You're doing well :)
    What sizes on the GS?
  3. 110/70 and 130/70.
    I believe a 140 will fit the rear (3.5" rim)
  4. Most people would recommend suspension set up to your weight and commuting style which should reduce tire wear somewhat.
  5. An interesting perspective. The bike is near new, so no suspension wear issues and I have set the rear suspension to suit. My riding style is conservative ie. within the posted limit (or 10% over!) and I rarely use full throttle or more than 6000rpm. The bike was bought as cheap transport for commuting and although I enjoy a ride through the twisties occasionally I don't feel a need to thrash it, just enjoy the corners. I'm just looking for a tyre that offers a better $ per km ratio and if it has slightly less grip I'm happy to ride within its limitations.
  6. What part of my first line is difficult to understand?

    If you're heading towards 14-16000k out of a rear you have nothing to complain about.
  7. IT was suggested to me to run highter tyre pressures for longer life, though i found them too high for weekend fun, now i run higher for weekly commuting, and drop em again for weekend play time.....and seems to be working fairly well...though roads are cold and wet which also helps not chew out the centres :)
  8. FS: Tyre still good for commuting. Only 50km's use. 90% in the middle. :LOL: :p
  9. No need to be so fcuking rude, smartarse, wrong time of the month, is it?

    I was asking for advice on a longer wearing tyre, not "complaining". There are longer wearing tyres out there, eg Avon Roadrider, Dunlop K491, I was just looking for opinions.

    The help from other forum members is much appreciated, thanks.
    Devotard, I'll take 3 thanks!

  10. Hey, settle - he was not being rude - he was just playing around - that is the purpose of the smiley face... :)
  11. The smiley was left out of the second post.
    He was obviously pissed that I didn't get down on my hands and knees when he deigned to throw tidbits of 'advice' my way, and one look at the avatar tells me what a "rebel" he must be. Or do I mean "uuanker"
  12. I was getting good wear out of Michelin Macadams (130/70 rear) on my K100. Can't remember exact numbers but it must have been in the 25,000 km region on a bike with a lot more weight and power than yours.

    Mind you, that was mostly highway commuting (not much wear on the edges) but I wasn't sparing the throttle on takeoffs.
  13. Thanks PatB, sounds like the sort of thing I'm after.
  14. I run Pilot Road 2's with rather high pressure for my commuting duties aboard an old CBR 600. So far I think I'm not even half way through the tyre after ~10,000kms. Pretty sure I'll be getting another set of these when they're done.
  15. Farrk me.

    Some people dont know shit from clay mate :p

    You must be a mole because thats what your user name is?:LOL:

    Have a closer look at my av.

    Thanks Skuffy :wink: