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Long way up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Madman, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Every biker in the world has probably seen or read the Long Way Round, the roadtrip from actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

    Most of us know that they've now done a second one, the Long Way Down (going from Scotland to South Africa).

    Guess what, the boys have counted their money and realized that this is not only fun but also big business so....they might do a third one! This time it would be called the Long Way Up.

    Charley Boorman said â€If people are happy to watch it then we are more than happy to do another one.â€

    I liked the first one, would have liked it even better if they took proper off road bikes instead of those oiltankers. They did an awesome trip but being millionaires they had to minimize every risk but throwing money at it, who takes a doctor with them on an 'adventure'?? Aaargh!

    Source: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/N...andcharleyboormanreveallongwayupisonthecards/
  2. I'm sure their respective agents, insurers and movie studios insisted on a doctor being present. And as far as I'm aware (from reading), the money was raised by advertising/sponsorship. It certainly didn't come from their pockets.

    Oh, and just for the record, you might note they wanted KTM bikes as first choice, but KTM pulled the pin at the last minute. Personally, I wouldn't have attempted the trip on anything other than a BMW. :LOL: (Although didn't their cameraman ride some half-arsed Russian thing at some stage?)
  3. Yep when he crashed the Beemer because it weighs more than amanda vanstone.
  4. given that the 'proper' offroad company refused to sponsor then because they thought they woudl fail. it seems likely that a stipulation of any contract would be to include a doctor thereby increasing the odds of the team finishing, decreasing the risk of controversy is somebody is injured/killed in the workplace (I'm sure that would really make the sponsors happy)...

    but sure two guys who have organised two trips around the world are a bunch of pussys who need to HTFU.
  5. Do you think the exec at KTM who made that smart decision might be washing windscreens at intersections now? :WStupid:
  6. he washed my windscreen, but I drove off laughing and didn't pay him.
  7. I've just been watching On Any Sunday, that a friend lent to me. THAT is a great motorcycling film.

  8. hmmmm I didn't enjoy that comment :evil: now I got the image of amanda vanstone riding a motorcycle in my mind :LOL:
  9. I am a fan.. got the T-shirt all good..
    THe flow on from the LWR when first released was for the entire 05 run of TRiumph Tigers to be sold and the early release fo the 06 model in the UK, the BMW sales went up, as well as lot of interest and support from non riders towards riders across the board.. R2D was IMHO a huge insight for an amazing race, tribute to AC and all that are involved.. from Charlie B during a Melb interview KTM had offered there bikes, then pulled out afterwards, not sure what it has done for the business, however BMW have rolled on with it all.
  10. I'm not really into the whole fanboy thing, however I should point out a few notes as far as LWR goes.

    Sure, there are many people who have done this trip before (on things like CX500's from memory), they were not encumbered by things like having to carry comprehensive first aid kits and 10 kilos of camera equipment.

    There is no doubt about the fact that, while the bike they chose is heavy, it is a pack animal - there is no way i'd be caught carring a snap on kit AND a dozen bottles swiped from the minbar! :D .

    Finally, if you believe you need a "proper dirt bike" to do a trip like the two they did you need the bumps on your head read. Take a gander at guys like Jimmy Lewis rockhopping R12's and the nutters on advrider.com entering the 1150's in things like scrambles and enduro's. (search for javarilla ;)). Sure, the boys may have done better on a lighter bike, but you wouldn't have seen just a couple of bikes out there - you'd have seen the whole crew as well. A 'bikes' capability ir reflected primarily in the rider. There are guys out there who will always be able to do stuff I could never contemplate. Take jimmy lewis racing an HP2 against 300exc's or xaus doing one handed thumbs up need on the ground power slides on the ducati moto.