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Long Way Round

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 748girl, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Is probably preaching to the converted and you will most probably already know its on, but if I post this here then I can remind you and me at the same time! The Long Way Round premieres on Foxtel's Lifestyle Channel at 8.30pm on Wednesday, 30th November. Brief blurb from Foxtel program follows. "Life/Doco. PREMIERE Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman star in this gripping, no-holds-barred account of an epic motorcycle journey round the world. (PG) (W/S)" So remember to set the video before you run off to buy those Christmas presents at the Netrider Shopping night!!

  2. I have the series at home, and I thouroughly enjoyed it when I watched it earlier this year. Friends who have the book ay it's a fascinating read as well (once you get past the whinging from Charley Boorman).
  3. Read Boris' review in the latest AMCN. Makes for a p1ssfunny read!
  4. Actually he was reviewing the book, not the tv show. In any case, I wouldn't take much notice of Boris, he is just an opinionated ignoramus with balls for brains. I'm frankly surprised he could read it. (must have had pictures)
  5. I don't always agree with him, but I don't think he can be accused of being dumb. He can be accused of being a former/current rockape bikie, but I think he has two or three brain cells to rub together.
  6. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I listened intently to his ridiculous drivel on open versus full-face helmets, and regardless of the facts he was determined to stick to his ingrained position no matter what. A total inability to spell objectivity is not a trait I admire in a journalist. He is however good entertainment, and that of course is why he is employed in the first place. The fact that we are having this dialog at all is proof of that.
  7. I think Boris' tongue is firmly wedged in his cheek on most occasions.
  8. Vic . you have foxtel . Make sure the jugs hot :wink: :LOL:
  9. Yup...

  10. Finished reading Long Way Round last night. It was an entertaining read. What I found interesting was the hospitality and warmth they encountered by the locals of whatever country they travelled though.

    There's a guy I work with and he recently did a similar journey. He started in Vladivostok and travelled through Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakstan, one or two other Stan's, Iran and Turkey. He didn't encounter any trouble but was taken in by locals who he never knew. They'd put him up for the night and make him dinner and breakfast. So he faced a similar warm welcome from the people of the regions he travelled through. Even though the regions are harsh, the people seem friendly.

    Anyone ever read the book Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon? If so, any good?
    This book is what inspired Ewan McGregor to make this journey.
  11. I went to the melbourne launch here a couple of weeks ago with Charley Boorman and Russ (the producer). Absolute top night at Southbank BMW.

    They both spoke and answered questions about it - you'd never know it from that border incident with the carnets :LOL: but they're now good mates (and pretty genuine down-to -earth people)! Got the book signed by both of them. They are both serious riders and apparently there's some amusing stuff not shown of Russ trying to play boy racer on the GS.

    Charley has put his film work on hold because he's been training for the Dakar for the past 10 months. BMW are supporting him in this and it's to be filmed. Same cameraman too but he's filming from a helicopter and not riding this time :LOL:
  12. Good? It's the original 'round the world alone' motorcycle book. He did it in the early 70's on an old pig Norton, with no support from anything but his 'Y' Fronts. It's a brilliant read, not to be missed.
  13. Excellent book. his web site is http://www.jupitalia.com/
  14. Oh yes Inci, I know all those shhitboxes seem the same :LOL: but it was a Triumph that Ted Simon rode in Jupiters travels.

    His latest effort however was on a BMW
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Your probably right TonyE, it's been at least 20 years since I read the book. Whatever it was when he started, it was very different when he finished, as he had just about everything locally made at least once when couldn't get parts, (which was most of the time as I recall).
  16. Great book, and a very interesting and courteous bloke. During his recent circuit of the world, he maintained an extensive online journal (with pics) so you could follow his progress. And even with all this to deal with he somehow managed to reply to emails sent by hordes of well-wishers (such as myself).
    I picked up a copy at Borders. If you can't get hold of it, PM me and I'll lend you mine (since you're nearby).
  17. The problem isn't that he does it to wind people up... the problem is he isn't funny while he's doing it.

    And the letter pages get full of irate cretins who can't see he's winding them up... and the whole letters sections signal to noise ratio goes down the shitter :roll:
  18. Sounds like netrider!!!!!!! :shock: :shock:
  19. Read the book by the Vic copper and his wife who travelled from England to Australia on a Beemer with no backup. Can't remember what it was called now, but a great read
  20. I never realised how mush of a geek Ewen McGregor was, and his mate is as bad.

    Maybe the show will improve when they actually get on the road.