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Long Way Round - What bikes are they?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Duffman, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. You know on "The Long Way Round" with Charlie Boorman and Ewan Whats-his-name, right at the begining they are in Australia trying out camping.

    They are riding round on a couple of Yamaha's of some sort, anyone know what bikes they are?

  2. Sorry, I am an idiot, I will check when I get home. aka look in the book.
  3. No they are KTM's I believe.

    You are talking about the over nighter they do right at the begining? Where they miss the ferry with a bunch of bikes on it?

    Sean D
  4. Yeah thats what i mean.

    Actually.....i think i've just found it


    isn't this them?
    an XTZ660, never heard of them, dont think they were in OZ.
  5. BMW GS1150's for the tour

    KTM first offered to sponsor them but pulled out because they didn't think they'd make it :LOL:

    I think they were the XT's at the start though...
  6. The GSA's were what they used for the big trip. The aussie trip they were on something different.
  7. BMW R1150 GS Adventure im pretty sure... and for a while one of a camra guys rode a "red devil" cheap bike they picked up in Russia I think. Great read after it i strapped a backpack and tent to my 250 and rode north for 3 days and 4 back. It was great just to pick up and leave with no plans... and they say that a u cant tour a 250....
  8. Geez that was quick...
    I went in to edit my post as soon as I came back after hitting submit and you'd already posted :LOL: :LOL:

    The XTZ660 was definitely released here - you can hire them here
  9. yeah i actually just found that link as well :)

    and here:


    they are pretty cheap now!
  10. Often referred to as a "TENERE"Ive always pronounced it "ten-er-ray".They have been round a few years in different incarnations.Derived from,or evolution of,the XT500/600 originally I believe.Popular with couriers.
    They made a "Super Tenere-XTZ750" for awhile,early 90,s I think,bit it didnt sell well in OZ.Rare as rockin horse poo now.Bout as popular as the Suzuki DR BIG,single cylinder 800cc,aimed at the same market.Hondas version was the Afica twin 750.

  11. :rofl: I love the milk crate top box!!
  12. Nice going mate, sounds like that would have been a great trip. Would love to do something similar down the track with the wifey. :cool:
  13. People have been saying that for years, and it wasn't true then either.

    An ad from an 80s BIKE magazine.


  14. I remember 2 guys in a bike mag years ago,like the early 80,s, that rode round the world on 2*1982 Honda XL 2fiddies,you couldnt kill them things with an axe.Had the 250 and 500 version for my first trailbikes.Superb machines.
  15. I think one was Peter Thoeming ("The Bear"), editor of "Australian Road Rider" and a few earlier publications, including the one from which that ad came.
  16. sorry to dig up such an old thread, but was watching repeats of the first ep of Long Way Round last night and had a good laugh (again) at the scene where Boorman was going off at losing the KTM sponsorship for the trip.

    Now whenever I see a BMW GS or when the GENERAL public thinks about going on a bike "adventure" the BMW GS is usually in most people's minds as a consequence this series and I'm sure the BMW marketing people are rubbing their hands in glee at the whole image and recognition their bikes are receiving as a result of the association...

    ...however... for me, whenever I see a GS, I always think about how KTM missed out on such huge publicity that they must be kicking themselves with their decision not to be a part of the project.

    Maybe I just revel in other's misfortunes! :), however, I can't deny that it's always KTM's c*ck up I think of foremost whenever I see a GS!
  17. Yeah, I've mused to myself multiple times what an absolute kick in the balls it must have been for KTM when LWR not only succeeded but became a financial and marketing success.

    In any case, McGregor was undoubtedly happy he got the BMWs. It was no secret he preferred them, probably because he wanted more of a long distance tour rather than a bush-bashing river-fording climb-every-mountain endurance rally that Boorman would have enjoyed.

    I don't know if it's my hazy memory, but I remember when on multiple occasions they dropped their GSs, particularly when Claudio low-sided into the bushes on a sealed road corner, they remarked that they were glad they took the BMWs, the inference being that the KTMs wouldn't have survived such a beating. Now that would have been like salt rubbed into an open wound for KTM to hear!

    Having said that, Boorman and McGregor crapping on about the weight of the GSs each time they had to manhandle them probably didn't awfully please BMW either!
  18. I don't know...I don't really think that it remotely matches KTM's general marketing strategy.
  19. KTM were and still are trying to expand their market. Look at their 990 Adventure, 690 and 990 Supermoto, 690 and 990 Duke, and 1190 RC8 at KTM Australia. These aren't pure dirt or trail bikes. KTM is making a clear move on the road market.

    Ewan and Charlie originally planned to accept KTM bikes until KTM got wet feet after sending a Russian consultant who opined that Ewan and Charlie were unprepared for crossing Russia. Ewan phoned someone at KTM who effectively told him that KTM thought they would fail and for that reason had pulled out. The irony is the KTMs probably would have been better through the atrocious 'roads' of Russia than the heavier BMWs.
  20. Ewan McGregor
    Charley Boorman