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Long Way Round - on Enough Rope next Monday 8th October

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dimitra V5, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman will be on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton next Monday 8th of October 9.30 ABC.

    Looks like a fun interview and in true Denton style I bet he'll extract out them what they weren't willing to disclose :LOL:

    ciao for now
  2. Cool thanks for that Dimitra. I am a fan of Denton. He has an uncanny ability to get the best from people. McGregor comes across as a dude you could go for a long cruise with :moped:
  3. I loved those DVD's. When Ewen got nudged quite hard from behind he got off and said triumphantly with his fist in the air "I kept her up" - true biker!

    I'll be watching! Thanx for the post
  4. Look forward to it, I'm a huge fan of those guys, especially Ewan. Can't wait for their second installment to hit DVD, now that they have finished Long Way Down. If it's as good as the first it will be a ripper.
  5. Ewan I could possibly travel with as long as the entourage wankers stay at home, he seems likeable. You could certainly take the piss out of his Obi Wan accent and get drunk with him.

    Charlie bloody Boorman I could happily belt with a spade. He's the type of tool you get in pubs bitching that he just rode an hour in the rain and the $1000 BMW kit (which was no doubt free) didn't come with powered heating or some such toss. You'd seriously give him a dodgy map and lose him at the first fuel up.

    I like Long Way Around except that they were so heavily supported that the idea that anything actually worse than a puncture or a sprain seemed far off. The other one that Booringman did was woeful, I'm embarassed for the other real riders that did the Dakar that had to cope with his snivelling.

    :shock: Oh dear, was I just ranting?

    All said and done, they get to ride free BMWs with free kit and supplies with extra freeness thrown in so I'm probably just jelous :cry:
  6. so I guess you'll be watching then :p
  7. Thanx for the info! Will have to watch that... The first one they did was fantastic!

    Cheers Franky
  8. us too, we will watch as well. fantastic dvd. cant wait for the next one. :cool:
  9. I loathe Andrew Fu*#ing Denton with a deep and abiding hatred.

    Boorman and MacGregor are both first class Hollyweird "sweeties" who biatch and moan at the drop of a hat -- usually at politically correct opportunities.

    I'll probably watch it though, 'cos my wife controls the remote ... and she thinks Denton's wonderful. I think he's just a :jerk:
  10. How on earth could your hate Denton that much....
  11. I've just started watching these dvds (finish episode 4) and personally I think it's quite a bit of wank.

    Going on a round the world motorcycle adventure, with two fully laden support vehicles.

    They had the hide to whinge because KTM wouldn't GIVE them bikes. I mean really even Borman wouldn't be poor, without even looking at McGregors bank account.

    And the producer dude. Who wouldn't smack that prat on site is beyond me.

    The whole time I'm watching I have to filter all this shit out and try to enjoy the travel, otherwise I might throw a brick through the TV.

    As for hating Denton, man you've got issues.
  12. No, I have no issues other than being a legal, licensed, law-abiding firearms owner. Denton is the spokesman for the Australian Coalition for Gun Control. F$#@ him AND the horse he rode in on.

    Other than that, he's a smug, sanctimonious, egocentric little twat ...
  13. So because he supports something you don't like you are blinded to the fact that he is probably one of Australia's greatest interviewer.?
  14. mondo enduro and terra circa are way way better than LWR, imho. strangely similar, as well...anyhoo, we're all suckers with anything that involves two wheels.

    thanks for the heads-up.
  15. That, Rex, is very much a matter of opinion … you're entitled to yours and I'm entitled to mine.

    And he doesn't just "support" something I don't like ... I could live with that. He proactively and aggressively agitates to totally destroy something that is as important to me, if not more so, than motorbike riding.
  16. The sort of person who would be at home here on Netrider then?
  17. :rofl:

    Point taken; I deserved that. I will now climb down off my :soapbox:
  18. Thanks Dimmy. :grin:

    That's booked in to be recorded on my PVR. Should be a laugh. :cool:
  19. Probably, can you tape it for me in case I forget? :oops:

    Boorman is still a tosser though.... :grin: