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Long Way Home - Brisbane to Broome

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by jrk36, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. I am currently negotiating to purchase a 2003 GTR1000 from a Brisbane dealer - whilst it is sight unseen in the photos it appears in excellent condition with low mileage and a good price, plus the added benefit of a proper cruise-control :)
    If interested, I've put some pics up at: http://picasaweb.google.c...awasakiZG1000AkaGTR1000#

    If this sale goes through (as appears 98% certain) then I'll be flying into Brisbane to pick it up, and hence will be travelling light.
    I'm paying extra for 12 months warranty) and a full long service including replacing all fluids (brakes, coolant, oil, etc). I'll purchase a small toolkit locally (i.e. in Brisbane) and one of those CO2 puncture kits.
    However, are there any thoughts from this group as to what extra (obviously water!) to take with me?

    NB: whilst the trip is 4,600km it is all on sealed roads.

    Thanks from the new chum
  2. Welcome to Netrider. You've made an ideal choice of a 'mile-eater' bike; I've never heard a bad word about the GTR on this forum.

    A Canberra Netrider went to the trouble of lagging the header pipes on his; the heat coming up from the engine is well trapped by the fairing and directed up to the rider, and he found that this treatment made for a much more comfortable ride. Still, you won't get a chance to do this before the trip, but you may like to consider it long-term. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=87306&highlight=lagging

    Unfortunately the new forum software has deleted the photos Andrew posted, but he's a good mate and I can get him to contact you (or vice versa) if you wanted to pursue this.

    Plenty of people here have done trips like this; one of our WA Netriders flew to Brisbane and rode a Ural bike and sidecar outfit back across the centre of Australia to Perth. I'm sure he and some others are better-qualified to advise on what to take and what to leave behind.

    My only advise would be to hire a sat-phone, but given that the roads are sealed, they are probably well-trafficked too, so that might be overkill.
  3. ... also any advice on overnight accomodation and food stops would be appreciated.

    Looking at the map, with the large (28 litre?) tank I don't think fuel will be a problem and cannot see any point in taking spare fuel - correct?
  4. It's going to be stinking hot and you should always carry a spare jerry can of fuel despite the size of the tank.
    Be aware of heavy rains as well as it is getting onto the start of the wet season up that way.
  5. I would just have said hot - I do live in Broome :)

    I would have thought this was an added safety risk, unless one really needed it.

    Well, they haven't started yet, and I'm planning this for next week :)