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Long way from Sydney to Melbourne (likely boring post )

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Came back from Sydney not long ago.
    Took the long way home which was 1200kms and 17.5hrs worth of riding.
    It's nothing speacial really except that it's my longest ride I've ever done. I normally get to and from Sydney in 11-12 hrs and have done the trip a few times on the 250 ninja.
    Took some of the roads in biatch'n Bitumen but only out of coincidence. The plan was to go via Princess Hwy to Melbourne via Stanwell Park because a friend said I should try it as it was just a short detour.
    Anyway took his advice and my it was a nice bit of road. Only bad thing was I was stuck behind traffic the whole way through. Then when I reach the town there was more traffic! I told myself that I probably crash if there wasn't anything slowing me down. The Seacliff bridge..that's the first bridge I have ever been on that isn't straight. And it's not as big as it looks in any of the photos I've seen of it.
    Kept travelling and following the signs towards Wollongong. When I got out of it I hit the Princess Hwy again and there were these big sweepers, that I took well above the recomended speed limit (but not crazy speeds though, defintely below the speed limit), not long after that were great. Leaned it a abit trying to slowly and carefully remove the chicken strips from the bike.
    Anyway I'll leave the boring bits of the trip out.
    I turned on to Kings Hwy, with a Harley rider behind me, following the signs to our capital territory. Was hoping to cut across to the Hume Hwy to speed up the trip cos it too me too long already.
    That turned out to be a great idea as it had so many turns and went for a long time. There were heaps of 45/55km/h recomended speed corners quite a few 35kmh and a few 25kmh bends which I enjoyed quite a bit as I don't get to do many. The only problem though was that the shadows cast from the trees make it hard to spot pot holes and bumpy parts of the road etc.. I'm a little over cautious of those as I worry that they could unsettle the bike and I might over react and crash.
    I also felt bad for the Harley rider behind me who must have nearly hit me when I breaked really hard because I thought I saw another motorcyclist pushing their bike up one of the steep hills. I had a jerry can of petrol that I could have offered if they were out of petrol but it turned out to be a cyclist with lots of luggage.
    Got to Canberra and looked for signs that said Melbourne or Hume Hwy only there wasn't. There were signs saying Sydney though. Geez! So I went and bought a map, after a bit of 'exploring',and it looked like I had to travel north again to get to the Hume. Didn't want to go north when I was heading down south. So I decided to take the Monaro Hwy. That went south.
    The Monaro Hwy is mostly boring. I started 'exploring', women call it getting lost, when I got to some sort of snow village. I saw a sign that said Monaro Hwy and sign beneath that said Bega with an arrow pointing left. Thought I was on Monaro Hwy and if I wanted to go Bega turn left. So I travelled straight thinking, straight was Monaro Hwy. Maybe 15min later I saw a sight saying Alpine road, I think. Came to the conclusion that I should have turned left to remain on the Monaro Hwy. What a waste of time. Turned back.
    Most of it was boring but then just as the sun went down, and a change of visors, then a change of gloves (very cold),the road started to get windy. Yes!
    There were no cars behind me and hadn't seen many cars pass me either. I was on my own. From what I remember the roads were very good. Not much pot holes or bumpy roads. It went of for a while and I really enjoyed it. The corners here were alot faster than the Kings Hwy, with 75 and 85kmh recomended speeds. Tyres cost money so I was glad to be using the sides and not just the centre of the tyre.
    I didn't push too hard, riding within my limits without any heroics. If I couldn't see the other side of the corner I braked hard otherwise I was just on and off the throttle without brakes.

    Of the stops that I made I found the people I came across to be very nice people would wave bye as they left a rest stop, had someone tell me to be careful esp in the dark as there were lots or animals running across the road at night, and there were a lot of animals. Dead and alive. I also had someone offer me directions and tell me stories about what life was like in the seventies the price of living, technology, their family etc...and then compared it all to what it was like now. :roll: . No offence. But thank god for the next customer. They got stuck there too. And I also had someone offer me some space in the car at a rest stop worried that I wanted some rest but was stuck out in the cold. Nice but a little creepy. Also had other riders nod and wave at the same time. I feel speacial.
    Back extremely sore but surprisingly not very tired at all. Not during the trip either. I've gotten very tired during my trips on the Hume and have nodded off several times due to the 'boringness' of the Hume.
    The route I took, although alot longer and much more time consuming, was far more enjoyable. It was fun and kept me active which maintained my concentration on the road. Would I recomend taking this route again? Probably not.
  2. Good report and a big days riding :cool:
  3. No-one can accuse you of taking the easy option on that trip. Good work.
  4. Those big sweepers just south of Wollongong are the famous Kiama Bends; we like 'em :wink:.

    Good ride report, mate. 1200 kays in a day is a big ride.
  5. Thanks for the response. I realise it was long and credit to you if you got to the end :grin:
  6. Likewise mate! :eek: :LOL: Good read, that's a decent ride!
  7. Damn, I can't believe you've done that trip on a 250! :shock:

  8. The long trip I did on my GSXR750.
    The boring trips up the Hume were done on the 250 Ninja. I really miss that bike now. :( Lots of fun throwing it around.
    Want to buy another one.