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Long Wait For Triumph Parts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ametha elf, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. My hubby rides a Triumph Trophy. Every time he needs work done on it, we have to wait 6 weeks or more for the parts to arrive from the UK because there aren't many of them around. Have been to a couple of mechanics hoping to get a quicker turnaround time, but still it takes that long. He thought he would get a way around that last time by ordering the parts in advance then bringing his bike in when they arrived, but when all the work had been done, we found his radiator was shot and so we are waiting (un)patiently again.... but he does love his bike and wouldnt even consider selling it. Do all Triumphs have the same problem with repairs because one day we are hoping to get a Thunderbird/America as a 3rd bike. His bike has been off the road for a total of 4 months in 2010 while we wait for parts, I'm fed up with it, really.

  2. You have to understand that manufacturers will never ever stock 100% of all parts all the time, especially models that are not as popular as others..

    As for the "off the road for 4 months" comment, what have they done to offset your frustration regarding the matter? Have you escalated your annoyance directly with the importer or just bent over lubed up and decided to take it square in the arse?
  3. We just thought thats just the way it is with these bikes. Have tried a few different mechanics who all agreed with the time frame. Its a 96 model, way out of warranty, done 130,000 klms, just frustrating.
  4. Trophy is very much an older bike nowadays, and the numbers sold were not that huge. Triumph Australia would most likely not carry much stock at all for this model now and only get it in to order (by sea, container-load). Same with most other importers.
    If you have a high volume recent model you would fare better but since it's not your situation it may well be worthwhile sourcing an OS supplier. Maybe get on the Triumph forums (ie. triumphtorque.com) and ask around.
  5. I waited 6 weeks for a simple sensor to come from the UK for my 2008 daytona. I got so bored I bought a second bike
  6. So do all Triumphs have the same problem with parts then (except maybe the most recent models?)
  7. if you think that sux,,,,i ride a 42 year old triumph ....try getting parts for that...
  8. This happens with Italian bikes too. If possible see if you can order the parts yourself from a known overseas supplier - as mentioned check some bike specific forums worldwide and see who they recommend.

    Was told four weeks for some parts for my guzzi, got them from MG Cycle in the US in 6 days cheaper too.

    I think the problem is that mechanics normally order from the local distributor. The local distributor then holds off placing an order till they have a decent order to save on freight. For rare items maybe even the distributors supplier doesn't have any at hand and the wait drags on and on. When its finally back here it still goes through the local distributors hands - unpack, pick, repack - before being delivered to your mechanic. Cut through as many layers as you can and I'm sure you'll shave many weeks off your down time.
  9. The only way to get parts quick is to buy online.. online stores or ebay. You'll probably get them cheaper too (esp. with the exchange rate).
  10. Agree completely, cheaper and in your defiantly faster!
  11. Ah, gotta love BMWs. I can get pretty much anything I'm likely to need for my 23 year old K100 off the shelf in Perth. Anything else I can get from the US or UK in a week. And before anyone mentions spares prices, I generally pay no more than I've seen quoted for equivalent Jap parts.
  12. +1
    I can usually get stuff from my local dealer in 24 hours if not immediately. But anything expensive is usually cheaper from UK in about a week. Had no luck with US though. Although they do older K bikes parts there, I have been unable to find anywhere that does the R bikes unless they are R1100 onwards.
  13. Apparently with my sensor that went I was "the first person in Australia to have that problem" that's why they didn't have any in the country. All other parts I've got for it if they don't have it on the shelf they atleast have it in the country.

    Every year when my battery collapses they have them behind the counter but they are more generic I guess.

    Come to think of it I'm waiting for a key blank that was supposed to come overnight from melbourne but that was about 12 days ago lol

    I'm glad it's only a toy!
  14. Pretty sure they tell everyone that.

  15. +1 I've been "the first" about half a dozen times -- I always felt special.
  16. Oh I have no doubt of that, believe me my eyes were rolling when they fed me that.

    Sensors go all the time how can they not expect that?

    The worst part was that it happened at the track. I was going full noise and noticed that my temp gauge was reading zero. After the session I pulled in and left it running for a sec to look it over then the top blew off the coolant overflow reservoir and sprayed my leg and the bike with boiling green awesomeness. Lucky I was wearing my leathers.
  17. I haven't had to wait for more than 24 hours for any parts for my bike, but then again I haven't needed many.

    Yeah go online.
  18. Try to find a large UK triumph dealer that will ship direct.
    The forums are the place to go.
  19. Yup, small volume 'old' model bike, you're always going to struggle through official channels.

    If it makes you feel any better I've had a similar wait for a gear position sensor and shift linkage for an 09 Daytona.
  20. Yup, small volume 'old' model bike, you're always going to struggle through official channels.

    If it makes you feel any better I've had a similar wait for a gear position sensor and shift linkage for an 09 Daytona.