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long trip chain maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. i wonder how people normally maintain the chain on long trip >1000 km?

  2. I bought a scottoiler :)

    I never have to do my chain :grin:
  3. Aren't we supposed to periodically clean chain with Kero or some such to stop dirt and grit building up and wearing a chain out quicker?

  4. Yes, every 500-1000km is ideal. The scottoiler does the lubing so on long trips there's no need to lube the chain yourself. When it gets dirty it will still need cleaning though.

    I tend to carry a mini can of lube on long trips so I can give the chain a spray when it needs it. If it's really filthy though I have to weigh up in my mind whether I'm gone long enough to warrant cleaning it or just leave it till I get home. :)
  5. +1 for Scottoiler.

    Have just completed a quick 4000K trip to the Gold Coast and back on the VFR taking in some of NSW's finest motorcycle roads. Didnt have to touch the chain. The secret with Scottoilers is to adjust the flow low enough not to fling everywhere but enough to keep the chain and sprockets damp but not dripping.

    I fitted the unit 35,000K ago and have never looked back (also havent had to adjust the chain either!). I commute in all weather and in Melb the 600ml bottle of special lube lasts around 40,000K (all for $16) and the standard unit gives me at least 5000K per fill (setting 3). Use goes up in the wet (setting 4 - 6).

    I spray some CT18 onto the chain when I wash the bike (every 3000K or so, yeah I know, I'm a bit slack there) and hose off the excess, but basically the chain doesnt get as dirty (or gritty at all actually) with the Scottoiler as it used to with any other spray lube.

    Cant speak highly enough about them - should be fitted as standard on all chain drives.
  6. Wondering if any of you have had issues dialing down the oil flow on the Scottoiler. I have a VFR 800 and cannot dial down the flow sufficient enough to stop it dripping after a ride.

    It does a fantasitic job but if anyone has got any ideas? :?