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long time roamer first time poster

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Aprilia, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. hey guys!

    I've been on the forums roaming posts from time to time and thought it was time to join.
    So about me, I've ridden numerous amounts of bikes (all lams of course) cbr250rrs, ninjas25, megelli, to cagiva mito and i currently own an aprilia rs 125 hoping to change it to a everyday commute and track bike.

    and yea thats my story i guess

  2. Hello Aprilia, nice to meet you. I had an RST1000 before my ZX14, as you can see in my avatar pic.

    Nice to have you along.
  3. wow nice bike you have there man !
    must be fun having a little pocket rocket with all that power right underneath you haha

    one of the reasons i also joined is the fact that everyone is so friendly! :)
    finally feels good to be part of the community :)
  4. Hey Aprilia,,

    Thks God . atleast there is one person who rides the same bike as mine.., I also ride an aprilia RS 125. Mine is Lorenzo replica 2007 model. I m from Sydney, so where u from? & yeah U r rite about the pocket rocket... it has a saying---- wait till I hit the power band....
    Well Njoy ya ride mate,, as I m njoying every part of it..
  5. wow I really wanted the lorenzo replica :( but could not find a good condition one haha
    I'm also from sydney south western area (towards liverpool and fairfield)
    lols you too! hopefully ill bump into you :)
  6. Kool.. well I am in beverly hills, but go to Liverpool 7 days to work.. mayb one day will bump into you..
    also do you know any good mechenic?? I need to get it serviced..
    Cheers buddy.
  7. I miss two strokes :(.

    Welcome to the madhouse :LOL:
  8. G'day Aprilia

    Welcome mate. South West, that must be WA?

    Two strokes have a blinding power to weight ratio but I don't miss'em after swapping my RD350 for a 4 stroke 600.
  9. Always good to see another aprilia rider as I don't see too many on the road.
  10. Welcome to NR. Awesome bike you got there. (y)
  11. welcome to NR :)
  12. lols Liverpool aye ? lols i might go scout the area haha
    well there are 2 mechanics that i rely on one is down the road from where i live one is custom 88 (just started seeing this mechanic)
    the other one is MMT motorcycle services
    granville based
  13. I cant get enough of that two stroke smell :D
    thanks :)
  14. lols south western area in NSW :p
  15. Yea you don't!
    my area you'll mostly see CBR250rr (22mc) and ninjas
  16. thanks!
  17. thanks! :)