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Long time rider newish on roads

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by oCHRISo, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Thought I'd sign up for some road bike tips and advice on general riding techniques through to aftermarket suggestions and any safety warnings out there for certain seasons.

    Names Chris 22yrs old
    Been riding dirtbikes since I was 5.
    I've had literally all aspects of the dirt bike world and currently ride an SXF 350 14' from a EXC 250 14'.
    Road bike: GSX-R 750 13'
    I don't think I could live with out a bike, even if it just sat there
    Plenty of cash wasted even more fun had though.

    Shame of a road bike is the inability to go somewhere and ring the throttle with out paying for a track day or paying mr police man..
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  2. Howdy and welcome to NR oCHRISooCHRISo . :happy:
  3. Welcome Chris from another Chris. Being out West I guess the Greeendale Trentham run and the Brisbane ranges area are not unknown to you. :) Some good little runs throug there.
  4. Unfortunately i got a memory like a fish and only know of Healesville/Emerald area. I'm going to start collecting and noting down routes. Hoping to find a few people Willyou to teach me
  5. Welcome, some lovely roads out north of you.
    You'll have to get to know some of them.
    Hope to see you out there.
  6. I'm gonna try get out tomorrow if I get the chance try some roads through gisborne backend
  7. Just don't go out too early. It will take the sun a while to clear any ice off the road.
  8. That's why I didnt hit black spur today/tomorrow . But craving a ride need to clear out the bikes airways
  9. Spur was fine after lunch today.
    I was more worried about some of the roads out St. Andrews way.
  10. Welcome to NR...