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Long time rider first time poster

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HONDA_PETE, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Hello all recently become single and have managed to fill to void with some cc's... And I'm not talking about corn chips... I've got myself a suzuki and hope to see you all around

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  2. Welcome to the forum bud :)

    Where you from? What do you ride?
  3. Welcome mate! Glad you finally got on to the NetRider after being on group rides and the spanner day!

    Hope you won't be asked if you are hot LOL.
  4. Melbourne "essendon area" got myself a suzuki vl250 intruder a bit pedestrian but I'm managing to keep my license so far..
  5. fcuk, where are my manners? Thanks dnagir

    Are you hot?
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  6. Welcome to the road again, and to Netrider
  7. Hi Suzipete, welcome :)
    Good choice of bike; My first bike was a Suzuki Intruder and l loved it.
    The black dog rides coming up in a couple of weeks if you're interested. Check out the upcoming rides section. There's groups leaving from the north, east and west. Join in if you're not doing anything :)
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  8. welcome to NR 'neighbour' think I've spotted you on the road.
  9. Why would some one ask if I'm hot? Sounds weird???
  10. He fancies you
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  11. Or he is a concerned citizen and wants to ensure you maintain correct core temperature.
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  12. Struggling to maintain core temp at the moment.. Have not been on the bike for a week due to weather... Don't ever remember heat holding me back when I had my super sports!!! Maybe I'm just getting old?
  13. Maybe you need to get back on a supersport? ;)