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Long time reader, first time poster.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dan_, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. May I first congratulate the admin and members on such a fantastic site! I really enjoy logging in and reading about general stuff (+ bike/riding tips for n00bs)...

    Well a few weekends back I got my L's and today I bought my first bike! She's a sweet old Yamaha SRV250, really forgiving, in great condition; I'm extremely stoked.

    It came complete with a mini trial-by-fire / white knuckle ride: an hour riding around backstreets, and then over Tom Ugly's onto the Princes Highway-->Brighton-->Southern Cross Drive in Sydney during medium traffic... and it rained.... then my tail light burned out. Anyhow, I'm still here and experiencing major satisfaction.

    I didn't realise how wind-affected motorcycles and riders are (I have a newfound respect) and potholes are another story altogether!

    How's it possible for us n00bs to check the road, mirrors, blindspots, danger zones, etc? ...I spend enough time trying to read my speedo and concentrating on pulling my elbows in.

    Oh yeah. Hello!
  2. Hey there. Congrats on the bike. Used to live at monterey so know where you were riding. Can get pretty congested in the arvo's.

    The first freeway ride on my cb250 I thought I'd crash any second - could not believe the effect of the wind at 80km plus. I was terrified the entire way!

    Happily get along now. Have fun!
  3. Welcome! congrats of first bike!!! :grin:

    Sounds like:
    "Princes Highway-->Brighton-->Southern Cross"

    is a trip you would make in melbourne!! :LOL: stupid similar sounding place names..... :evil:
  4. Hey Dan, I know exacly where ya coming from. Just bought a GPX 250 last week and had to take the Bellarine Highway in order to get it home. Couldn't believe how much the wind was moving me around. And yer, I now have a lot more respect for all motorcyclist :applause: .
    Anyway I'm looking forward to lots more posting. Btw great work on Admins behalf, lots of good info here.
  5. Hey Lietenant DAN!!

    Welcome, it's amazing how much more your enviroment affects you and your bike when not in a car. Even when it's wet.
    Great isnt it!!

  6. Relax and enjoy the ride; in a few weeks you'll be wondering what the fuss was about :LOL:

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider :).
  7. Welcome Dan and Congrats on the bike
  8. cheers all for the posts!

    It's good to know you're not the only one scared sh!tless on their first ride...

    I'm feeling pretty good now, about to take a sunday ride to watsons bay and back!

    P.S To CFVFR and coda - awesome choice of bike. I'm dreaming about what bike I want next... what do you think of the VFR800 for a just post L/P rider? For what I want to do, it looks awesome! (I know what will come next, so: not to say that the hornet isn't a great bike (it looks it!), but I've already decided that I want more fairing.)
  9. G'day and welcome dan.
    Congrats on the "L's" and getting a bike mate. Sounds like you are having fun.