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Long time reader, finally got my permit! PERTH

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by paully_tee, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Yeah G'day guys,

    Been a long time reader of netrider and have finally gotten off my arse and gotten my learners permit.

    Let me explain why its taken me so long.........

    I have been wanting to get a road bike for years but have always been umm'n and ahhh'n about it. About two years ago I bit the bullet and did the incredibly noob mistake of trying to buy the first bike that I could get my hot little hands on. Went out and purchased a 1991 yamma fzr250. Not only did i get ripped off on it, but the bloody thing was cactus.

    Unfortunately I had already handed over the cash for it but when my mate came to pick it up so he could drive it home (I didnt have a bike license or even my permit) the thing died in its arse 100m down the road.

    Luckily my good mate stormed back up to the blokes front door and demanded that he hand my money back over. It took a bit of pursuasion but I eventually got back my cash minus $100.

    That event had completely turned me off riding at all.

    Two years later and I still cant get bikes off my head, everytime I'm drivin and one whips past I'm always rubber-necking to catch a glimpse of the blurr gone by.

    So last week I decided that I couldnt handle it anymore, went down to the licensing centre, grabbed my permit and have 1 month til my test rolls up. I've booked five lessons between now and then and have been driving for 4 years already so hope that I manage to pass.

    I've also saved up enough money to buy a bike brand new so I can have the warranty peace of mind.

    The mrs aint keen on me riding at all so i've decided to start looking at buying a cruiser instead of a sports bike so that I can take her out on sunday rides.

    Thanks for listening and hope to cya all on the roads soon


  2. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  3. thanks for the welcome blue,

    Just had a lesson yesterday afternoon, was so much fun.

    Instructor seems to think that I wont have to much trouble passing the test but says that I just need to relax on the bike.

    I'm learning on the gv250 which is awesome considering that I was looking at purchasing one of them as a cruiser.

    Only mishap I had was that I thought it would slide into gear as easliy as a car but now realise that I really have to give it a firm push.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for listening

  4. Welcome to NR Paul. :grin:

    I'm not sure that it depends on the bike or not? But mine can slide into gear as quite easily as a car. ^ ^

    G'luck in your test!
  5. Different bikes will have different "needs".

    In general, I've found that for nice, smooth gear changes, put "some" pressure on the lever before pulling the clutch in. As soon as you pull the clutch, the lever will slip up into the next gear nice and easy.

    Good luck with it all. :grin:
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    When you say put a bit of pressure on the "lever", do you mean my left foot lever?

    Then clutch in and slide into gear?

    Will give it a go.