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Long time no see

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conan, May 20, 2008.

  1. hey all , i havent been on here in a while due to not having the net for a bit and the fact that i wrote my hyosung off a week after the feb oxley run on the dam oxley. was so pissed off with myself but yeah oh wells

    so heres the story

    was up in port macquaire for my cousins 21st, that went good, the next day i had planed a ride up to gingers creek and back with davidnsw, it rained a bit during the week so there was crap all over the road, got about say 10km from gingers creek when a van with traiier ran wide into my lane so i moved over to avoid him, got around him and then realsied that ther was a guard rail heaing my way so taped the front brake to slow down a bit , then my back wheel skiped on the loose leaf litter that was on the side of the road and low sided my bike into the guard rail , i got up with only a bit of skin off my knee but my bike was stuffed (see photos below) , so then i limped it to gingers creek to call my pop to tell him what happened and to bring the ute up.

    so yeah its been like two months to have the bike replaced cause of all these delays and stuff, but now i just picked up my 08 Hyosung gt650r ( will only have it till the end of the year then its upgrade time) so i hope to see all you sydney guys out and about again and at the coffee meets.

    thanks to davidnsw for staying with me till my pop picked me up and for the photos.

    And sorry to all that have wondered where i had gotten too.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Looking at the pic's

    Thats the second Hyo I have seen with the bars snaped like that.
    The other one I have seen was one where the bar was fine but the Triple clamp had snaped ...
  3. yeah they snap easy
  4. every crashed hyo thread involving a gt250 or 650 has at least on broken clip on

    good to see your stioll about conan, when you derestricting this one?
  5. when its run in , so say next week lol
  6. I agree, there's a serious metalurgy problem at Hyosung :shock:

    Good to hear you only skinned your knee and not your wallet :)
  7. Glad to see you back on 2 wheels mate :)
  8. damn the aftermath of accidents is never good, glad you were only off the road for 2 months because of bike delays and not body delays :)

    GL with the new bike
  9. Good that you're back and in one piece mate!

    One question though, when you 'limped' it back to Gingers, did you actually push it 10km's back up the mountain or did it have power?

  10. Hey Conan well done mate, at least ur alive, now get that new Hyosung over to me so we can mod it :grin: Catch up soon.

    Tex & Bundy
  11. it had power , the the right hand side clip on was snaped so i couldnt really steer the thing, had to jam the clipon behind the front brake resevior to be able to twist the throttle .

    dont worrie tex as soon as its run in , next weekend lol ill bring it over to ya