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Long time Newcastle based lurker, thought I'd start posting

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Fronk, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Howdy all,

    I must say a huge thanks to everyone on these boards for all of the info that has probably saved my skin quite a few times.

    I consider myself a newish rider; I've had my L's for a bit, although have been spending most of my time riding (No job!) and probably should get my P's. Being 25, I could have got them a while back, but I'm happy to take things slowly. It's also been great riding a relatively large selection of bikes before advancing with the licence thing.

    Currently, I've got a pair of Royal Enfields; One is a 2009 black C5, and the other is an '05 bullet, cafe'd up. It's the one that's still on Motociclo's website if anyone wants to see photos of it. Lovely machines.

    Also out the back I have an old '58 Francis Barnett Falcon, which runs great but needs rego and a few small changes.

    A deposit has also been made on a Beemer G 650GS, which should be in my greasy little mits in a week or two! Looking forward to having something which I'll be happy to take interstate on long trips.

    Never expected to get into motorcycles! It all started with a pillion ride on a Vincent on the A7 through the Scottish Borders when I was still living in Scotland, and finding out that many of my old pals back here in Aus were riders!

    Would love to meet up with any Newcastle based riders for either a ride or a beer!

    Cheers and beers,

  2. Hey Mate,
    It sounds like your growing a nice selection of bikes there.
    Welcome to the boards.