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long time lurker

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by s3me, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. G'day All Lovers of Two Wheeled Vehicles!

    Been lurking here on and off for about 6 years with no posts.. Became a member a few months ago.. and finally got around to making a post today!!

    Haha.. yes.. that is kind of lazy :p though i guess i've been known to be a bit shy at times too .. er.. ah, that's right.. this isn't a dating site? is it? :oops:

    Well a big reason as to why i never joined was i lost my licence for a number of years.. (don't ask.. it was a one month brain explosion that ended in numerous speeding fines and offences, and after numerous court appearances, close to 8G's of money owed to the State Govt.).. and decided to get into mountain biking instead.. (i thought it'd be cheaper.. though i ended up buying myself the Ducati Desmosedici of mountain bikes :LOL: )

    I then joined the unpowered, environmentally friendly community of two-wheeled riders at farkin dot net and hung around in the shadows, occasionally letting loose there for a while.. until i got my licence back!

    So, i've been back out on the roads for almost a year now.. and i'm back to my ozone hole contributing best - riding almost every day!

    I look forward to many intelligent, dumb-witted :wink: conversations about anything bike related, and hope to join-in, in a few Netrider organised rides, making a few mates at the same time.. and maybe even finding myself a motorbike riding woman! :p Hello ladies!
  2. post of the week :)

    8 gorillas of fines??? I can't imagine :LOL:.
  3. "Been lurking here on and off for about 6 years with no posts"

    Six years?? :shock:

    Well it's a bout time you came out of the shadows then! :LOL:

    +1 Hornet :) Can't get my head around 6G's either :LOL:
  4. Post of the week ay..! Not off to a bad start then..

    Alright all.. let me have it.. it's my birthday (well 2 mins of it left now anyway), so i want some goddamn more birthday wishes.. (some more berr wouldn't go astray either)

    *edit: err.. i mean beer.. !!