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Long time Lurker says howdy!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by number34, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. ....Howdy!

    I've been a daily visitor for about 6months now, signed up a bit ago and now I've decided to send some money on a bike and get my bike L's (Looks like I paid waaaaayyy to much tax :grin: ). I've been looking at a CB400 and will hopefully get one after I've passed my L's. Its going to be a steep learning curve as I've only zipped around on a posty bike at the local airport (about 4 years before 9/11 of course) and I plan letting you guys know how I go and hopefully pass on as much information as I can to other noobs about the process just like the net rider community has done to me (Not like I know much now but the process seems less scary, plus I've think I've grasp on the jargon now)

    By the way, I'm a 20 year student from Bathurst N.S.W. I work a boring part time job to get my pilots license and I always send any left over money after rent etc, and flying so I thought I need a change and have been enthusiastically drooling over bikes for a while now (Its 130 in the morning and I have about 5 windows open at bikesales :oops: )

    Anyone from around Bathurst here? Or does anyone own a cb400? I've searched but would like to ask some specific questions.

  2. Aaaaaaah, Number 34..
    Budding pilot, eh ? Good to hear. Well, get on that bike, get proficient and soon you'll be imagining you're banking an aircraft around corners...total freedom, just like flying. But I'm sure you already know that :wink:
    Welcome to Netrider mate-this site is excellent for its plethora of information constantly made available to newbs/experienced alike.
    The CB400 looks like a great bike.

    Safe riding..and flying :cool:
  3. hmmm u mentioned 9/11 and your going for pilots license :shock:

    Welcome mate, get that bike and youll be flying both ways, plus u have 1 of the best tracks in the world at Bathurst, use it :)
  4. Just saying that I wouldn't be allowed to ride a bike around the airport after 9/11 with all of the security these days :)

    Thanks for the welcome guys!
  5. number34 eyyy??

    Not a member of the stone cutters are you?? :grin:

    Welcome! people / CPL ??
  6. Stone cutters? Don't know what your talking about
    shhhhh, your not supposed to know!

    At the moment Im people, and roughly about halfway through my CPL
  7. Good luck with the CPL..as you would know, the CPL Flight Test is far more challenging, with higher accuracy requirements than a people..but more rewarding and obviously the first step in being employed professionally.

    * Who are you undertaking your flying training with ?
    * Do you have employment lined-up on completion of your CPL ?
    * I assume your next goal is either an Instructor's rating, or IFR Rating ?

    Best of luck with it all. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll ;)

    Completed my CPL almost 15yrs ago :cool:

  8. *smart air in bathurst, but am now looking a bankstown flying school.
    *Nope, Its going to take a while before I'm employable but I will be looking to get some contacts soon.
    *My planned route will be CPL->IFR then maybe Multi or Float. In a year Or so I wouldn't mind being a meat bomber, or if I get the float plane rating I might get a Canadian license conversion and fly some beavers or similar up there. I'm not all to interested in airliners. Well one can only hope, things don't always go to plan.

    May I ask if your an employed commercial pilot or did you just get your CPL to perfect your skills?
  9. All the best with the Float Plane endorsement...a lot of fun to be had there !
    An IFR rating is a very good investment as a CPL and higher..very hard to gain employment without it, especially if you plan to progress to Multi IFR work at a later stage.
    To answer your question : ATPL (with a major overseas)
    Good luck to you !
  10. i hate flying
  11. Hahaha Goz :LOL:
    Mate, depends who ya fly with :p

    PS - The 'as-new' R1 'should' be arriving in its NEW home as of tomorrow - the red eyes are a temporary lead-up to ownership of the R1..but look out for the 'R1 Logo Courtesy Of Goz' :)
  12. Yamaha airways :grin:

    red eyes look better, leave em lol
  13. You might just be onto something there...although I think the Japs already got in with 'Al Nippon'.
    The day I see a 'Yamaha', 'Suzuki', 'Honda' or 'Kawasaki' logo on a shiny jet, I'll be putting my resignation in with present employer !
  14. hey number 34

    welcome dude :LOL:

    good luck finding the ideal road/track weapon!!!

    also good luck with your CPL....definately takes you up a notch or ten!!!
    I very much agree with Nickers777.....

    Safe riding & flying.....the best of both worlds!!!!!! :LOL:
  15. hey Goz

    you got red eyes too???

    mine are coming in same time as Nickers777...cant wait :LOL:

    Crazy Man!!!!!
  16. Welcome to Net-Flyer, err, Netrider, number 34 :LOL:

    {goz, red eyes are better than the black eyes Greg Inglis gave his girlfriend, seriously what a useless jerk :evil:}
  17. agreed, should be sacked for life