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Long time lurker finally took the plunge...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Simon Lockington, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Gidday guys,
    I've been sniffing around on these forums for quite a while now and I've finally taken the plunge and gotten back into riding.

    I ride 250's about 7 years or so, but haven't touched one since then. I found a nice used Suzuki GSX650F in the Gold Coast and that's currently on it's way down to Melbourne now.

    Just got back from purchasing all the safety gear, I got:
    - RST Paragon wet weather pants and jacket
    - Draggin Jeans
    - Dianese HellRacer gloves
    - Alpinestars Goretex boots
    - Shoei XR1000 helmet

    I didn't want to 'cheap out' on any of this stuff and was happy with the deal I got from PS Ringwood, they seemed pretty nice.

    Anyway, the bike arrives this Thursday but will have to get roadworthy done then rego and it's unlikely I'll get that done before the Easter break, then I fly to the US for two weeks on Tuesday so I'm somewhat screwed for a bit!

    Looking forward to getting back on it.

  2. another long time listener, first time caller eh, been a few of you people lately :) :)

    Well done on the gear mate, you got a brain, good to see newbies ATGATT, 10 out of 10 for that 1

    Welcome to the posting to the boards side of things :grin:
  3. Welcome (back).

    Don't forget to post some pics of the bike or the 'Garage Nazis' will come after you :LOL:
  4. Always great to get back into it :)
  5. Welcome Si :)

    See you and your bike getting out on a few rides when you get back from the US ...
    talk about bad timing there, Si :shock:
    just when you're getting back into bikes, yer then gotta go talk to some Septic Tank for two weeks :p
  6. Hi Si and welcome to NR.

    Hope the interstate bike turns out well.
  7. Gidday guys,
    Finally got the bike yesterday. It was transported down from the Gold Coast by Bikes Only who seemed to have done a very professional job. The consignment note was very detailed on the condition of the bike at pick up.

    It was delivered a day earlier than planned, and unfortunately I was in Sydney so got it delivered to a mate's factory instead.

    Because the bike came from QLD it was de-registered up there, so I had to apply for an Unlicenced Vehicle Permit to drive it to Peter Stevens in Dandenong for it's Roadworthy. That process was all pretty straight forward with VicRoads. While on the phone I tried to book the bike in for it's registration 'appointment' for that afternoon but was out of luck so now it has to wait till I get back from the US.

    I'm still not sure why they need to 'see' the bike, the engine and VIN numbers all checked out, but that's just how it is I guess.

    I got the insurance all sorted out with EBike who seemed to be really great to deal with on the phone and gave me what I thought was a good price.

    Then I went and checked the bike out and sat on it for a while to get used to it before suiting up.

    My mate's factory is in an industrial park that wasn't heavily utilised so I intended on using it to get used to the bike before heading back out onto the roads.

    I've got to say after seven years not riding a bike I was a bit nervous. The 650F immediately burst into life with the touch of the starter and I gingerly engaged first and set off down some of the industrial park roads.

    Changing gears was a bit rough, the engine response on the 650F is a whole lot faster than the old 250's I used to ride and I was having a bit of trouble trying to be nice and smooth.

    After half an hour of riding around the industrial park I ventured out on the roads and immediately remembered how vulnerable you can feel on bikes! I was a bit like a cat on hot bricks being ultra alert on the look out for idiots and issues.

    I made it to Peter Stevens fine, the bike passed it's RWC and got home fine. While it was all pretty stressful, when i got home I had a huge grin on my face and a bit of disappointment I can't ride the bike now until I get back from the US and it's registered.

    The small time on the bike yesterday reminded me just how much I don't know and need to learn. As soon as possible I'll be spending a heap of time working on low speed maneuvering and getting enrolled on some courses and really get some enjoyment out of my renewed hobby!

    I'm sure I'm telling you guys nothing you haven't already experienced yourself, but felt like I had to share!

    Here's a pic of the new beast when I got it home yesterday afternoon.


  8. Congratulations and welcome! I think the GS500F is a very handsome looking bike, though I'd probably go naked for the first one.

    I am still yet to start riding, and so far all the stories are giving me a bit of a worry, though I think I am still gonna do it!
  9. Welcome to the club and congrats on the bike. Looks great.

    Also very well done on getting good gear - great to see.

  10. looks good mate, oh, and the bike looks good to :grin:

    go the holdens