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Long time listner, first time caller

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by the prawn, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I'm Kieren from Sydney. I've lurked a little around here over the last few years and thought I'd join up. Maybe I joined before but I think I forgot my login details - couldn't find them with the recover password etc anyway.

    I don't have a ride ATM, and ITS KILLING ME! Looking for something to commute on and have a the occasional cruise. I've just missed out on a GB500 that looked nice and also an old Kwaka 550. The search continues...
  2. what license are you one, that may give some idea of what bike you can get....?
  3. Hey Paul, full licence.
    I started on a ZZR250 in about 2003 I think? I'm only a small guy and it was in great condition so I kept it for a few years before selling to go O/S at the end of 2005. I actually sold it quite quickly then had no way of getting around for 2 months so grabbed a postie which was fun (for the first week at least, haha).
    Came back at the end of 2006 and bought a 2001 ZX-6r which was mental with my massive 60kg hanging off it. Great fun but I think it wasn't treated too well by previous owner/s and started having a few issues so I sold it. At that time I was mostly just commuting so I bought a Yamaha TTR-250 and turned it into a motard. Sold that a few months ago and have been missing it since.

    I think I'm after something mid-size, a little "different", something I can work on and maybe customise a little if I ever get the time and some spare coin. Preferably naked as well, if I'm working on it I don't want to stuff around removing fairings and if I'm commuting on it I don't want the heartache of smashed up plastic if some dude knocks over my bike.