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Long Time Ghost’er, First Time Poster!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jaws, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Hi All,
    Have been reading post's for a while now.
    Got my L's about 2 weeks ago now.
    I now have all my gear and my new best friend, a '93 ZZR250.
    Would be great to meet other's for coffee and to pick up some pointers.
    Moving back to melbourne after 3 years away, i don't know many foaks in the local area.
    Also, i bit the bullet and signed up for membership today.

  2. Hi Jamie :)

    Pop on in to friday night coffee at Sth Bank one night, and meet some of us. Shoot me a pm and I'll ride in with you when ya ready :)
  3. Well hello and welcome to it all :)
  4. Thanks Caz
    I will try to get there this week.
    Weather & Work depending.
  5. Pull up the lounge and make yourself right at home Jamie; welcome.

    {How many of those ZZZR250s did Kawasaki make, anyway :shock:???}
  6. Well the coffee might have to wait now.
    Third trip out and laid the bike down.
    Now the steering is bent, I no longer have a right foot peg or a break lever.
  7. Bugger, I hope you get it all fixed and back on two wheels asap.
    I hope you are Ok, maybe a trip to the quack to be sure is a good idea.
  8. tough break mate, do you know what went wrong?
    I take it your OK as your posting up the incident.

    Try not to let it get you down, your alive and there is a lesson to be learnt in there somewhere.
  9. I tried to do to much as I went around the corner.
    Take off, changed into 2nd, realised I was going too wide, grabbed a fist full of front brake.
    As I was sliding along I realised my mistake, LOL!

    The draggins and RJays gloves did their jobs.

    I just spoke to RACV, they advised that I have a choice of repairers.
    So does anyone know a good place?
    Past experience is invaluable.

    I was thinking of going to Race Replica as they seem fairly close.
    Has anyone had any dealings with them?
  10. Welcome to the forums, and congrats on the bike.

    S**ty deal on the off. Hope it all works out. :)
  11. Oppss.. sorry to hear about that...

  12. Hi jaws
    Welcome and i'm sorry to hear about your "off"