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Long time driver, first time rider.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by end user, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I've wanted to ride a motor bike since I saw the Manga movie Akira in 1988. I was 9 years old at the time. My parents nixxed the idea for a long time saying it was too dangerous etc. They were probably right. On Jan 1 this year, when everyone was posting their New Years resolutions on FaceBook, I was prompted to think about what things I would like to achieve in 2014.
    I think I'm old enough, and wise enough now to be burdened with the responsibility of owning a bike. Pre-Learner training is early Feb. In the mean time and have been reading through these forums, learning all the acronyms and watching youtube vids to try and get up to speed. So much to learn. Can't wait to get out there and get amongst it. Just don't tell my parents.


  2. They will find out eventually ;) So what sort of bike are you after? Kaneda's bike is not LAMS approved. :)
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  3. LOL. How about a Tron Light Cycle?

    I think I will start out with a VTR250, then upgrade to a ER-6N when I've got a decent amount of K's under my belt.
  4. Welcome end user. Why burden you parents with extra worry?;) Start with the VTR & save your dosh for the custom red leathers...
  5. welcome aboard :)
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  6. Welcome along.
    Good luck with the Ls course and finding yourself that VTR.
    Saturday sessions at Homebush are a great place to practice the slow stuff and socialise with other bike minded folk.
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  7. welcome to NR , a VTR is a great starter's bike, get to Homebush before you get the learners and bike, talk to as many people as you can, ask if you can sit on a bike or two and see how you and what yo ulike, keep in mind some people will and some wont let sit on their babies :) put yourself in their shoes and dont be offended if a no comes up. check the 'bikes for sale ' thread on here and also there's a thread if you wanna buy bike gear too if you dont second hand stuff to start you off, read alot, ask alot, and IF someone will be kind enough, go pillion and feel what its like on a bike, you may or may not like the feeling. we ALL love it, but we're biased too ;)
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    proto_g_rider (3).

    Suzuki tried with the G Rider, dont know why they never built it?
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  9. I saw a few lowrider scooters when I was in Japan a few years back.
    Did not have the power of Kaneda's bike, but still looked pretty awesome!

  10. that looks great for a scoot!!

  11. That sounds very familiar indeed....

    Good luck and welcome.