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NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by A boy named Sue, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. http://haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/transportmasterplan

    A Plan for all of NSW

    The NSW Government is taking a new approach to transport planning by collaborating with those whose livelihood depends on the quality of the transport network – our customers.

    Our extensive consultation program aims to involve the whole of NSW in the process of creating a NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.
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  2. Many people put forward suggestions on how to
    get Sydney moving again, including:
    Encouraging motorcycle use to reduce
    congestion, emissions and parking demand
  3. Roads play a critical role in the transport
    network, supporting around half of all public
    transport services, enabling personal journeys
    including walking and cycling, and facilitating
    productivity and economic growth across the
    State. An integrated package of solutions is
    proposed to ensure the right road infrastructure
    is supported by the right pricing, investment and
    maintenance approaches to support efficient
    use. Actions across NSW’s urban and rural road
    network include:

    Reform vehicle registration policy to promote
    the growth of safer and more environmentally
    friendly light vehicles on NSW roads and
    to make registration payments easier and
    more convenient.
    Requirement for all road initiatives to
    consider the needs of all road users,
    including on-road public transport, cyclists
    and pedestrians, as well as the specific
    requirements of motorcycles. In particular,
    road safety improvements will target
    motorcycle and cycling safety.
  4. This is a great opportunity folks. Get the motorcycling option front and centre on the pollies radar!
  5. go for parking on footpaths.
  6. Footpaths are for riding around traffic Mick. Stop causing trouble :p
  7. Also includes a 20dollar toll just to enter the city.
  8. Sydney's footpaths haven't got enough room for pedestrians as it is. Not gonna happen.
  9. This has been floating around for a while. They asked for submissions and I sent a pretty comprehensive submission about motorcycles. Others contributed too (there was a thread back then).

    Scanning through the draft this morning I can see absolutely NO mention of motorcycles.

    It's as though they have gone out of their way to not include them.

    Modes of transport are listed as:
    9.1 Public transport
    9.2 Rail
    9.3 Light rail
    9.4 Bus
    9.5 Ferries
    9.6 Roads
    9.7 Cycling
    9.8 Walking
    9.9 Non-government transport services

    I haven't read the full report, but I've scanned the executive summary and the introduction. Mostly it seem to read like a bunch of wank words and ideals, with no substance behind it. No means of achieving it.

    I'm pretty pissed.
  10. The time for submissions is over. I put mine in by email and they just sent me a link to say they had completed the draft (so I posted up here). I think I found all the references to motorcycles and posted in the first few posts of this thread. The original paper had nothing about bikes, now we have something. At least there is no push to minimize the take up of riding (like in Vic).
  11. "In particular,
    road safety improvements will target
    motorcycle and cycling safety."

    I like to think this is a response to my call for motorcycles in bike lanes...(I don't think they got many submissions).

  12. Actually I think they are calling for comments on the current paper.
  13. we got a small mention, how important we are remains to be seen

    4.6.5 Motorcyclists are important road users
    Motorcycles provide a flexible, low cost, space and fuel efficient travel option, particularly suited to dense metropolitan areas. Motorcycle and scooter use and registrations have also been growing strongly in recent years. Both motorcyclists and government are keen to continue to address safety concerns. Further opportunities to improve motorcycling conditions, including improvements to parking, and support growth will be investigated.
    We will examine opportunities to support motorcycling as part of our roads and parking strategies, and continue to work with motorcycling stakeholders in developing and implementing actions.