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Long Term Rider, New to Forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jakkles, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Hello All - thought I'd introduce myself

    Been riding since 1979, when I bought an ex parking inspectors bike to get to uni, a Honda CB200. I thought it was the bees knees!

    Since then I have owned:
    Honda CB400/4 (loved that bike!),
    Kawasaki GPZ 550 (bulletproof, I rode around much of Australia on it)
    Yamaha XJ900 (the frame broke on it!)
    Yamaha FZ750 x 2 (fun but both were temperamental, I don't have much luck with Yamahas)
    GSXR1100J (yes......!)
    KLR250 (for fun on the weekends)
    BMW Funduro (nice bike but not enough power)
    Suzuki VStrom (good all rounder but a touch tall and top heavy for my stature)
    BMW F700GS - Bought this 3 months ago and I LOVE it!!! Just finished a week's trip around the Victorian twisties and a few dirt roads. Bike handled everything easily. I've been like a proud new parent boring my friends with pictures and stories of my new "baby".​

    I love motorcycling not just for the physical act of riding, but also for the social side - I have met so many great people and been to so many awesome places simply because I ride a bike.
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  2. Welcome jakkles
  3. Welcome to NR. :D

    A nice list of bikes there.

    You're right about riding and motorcycles in general.
  4. You're more than welcome here, mate, tales from the bush and the roads are always good to hear.....
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  5. G'day and welcome, JakklesJakkles. I second hornethornet's comment; your stories of motorcycling would be great to read.
  6. Frame broke on XJ900? Same thing happened to mine...

  7. Wow cool you beat me, I've only been riding since 1982. I had an XJ900 back in the day as well as more than one Boldor, XJ750, CBX1000, KH500 etc. Welcome along, this is a pretty decent crowd.
  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Hello and welcome to NR JakklesJakkles :) Very new rider here, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures on two wheels, seeing those beautiful photos and learning from your experience!
  10. Welcome, nice avatar pic!
  11. Thanks everyone, for the welcome messages...looking forward to trading stories and experiences.
    Sneo - your XJ9 frame broke too? They told me "Well, we've NEVER heard of that before - you must have overloaded it!".