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Long term rider Canada/ Australia

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by macdoc, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Been riding for 50 years.

    Sold my Burgman 650 Exec - it served me very well for 4 years and 63,000 KM.


    Still riding my Vstrom 650 but had my eye on a older Burgman 650 that fell through. Tried an NT700v but could not quite get comfortable on it. Opportunity came up to grab a 2009 CBF1000 with only 15k km on it.


    I had an ST1100 in Australia but found it a bit top heavy and too hot in the city which is in the tropics. Think the 1000 might fit me better and really like the adjustable screen and seat.

    Did a 50 year anniversary ride with my son this last June .....flew our bikes to Vancouver, rode for 18 days then rode back across to Toronto.
    Pretty proud of him. He did that on a FZ-08 ...not the ideal touring bike. Of course my Vstrom was loaded with luggage for both... not the most agile mount.


    Back to solo touring and thought I could set the CBF1000 up for touring while I shifted the Vstrom to more off pavement. I like the removable bags over the built in luggage of the NT.

    Do love the finish on the Honda's ....my first real bike in 1966 was a red Honda 305 Hawk. The Biffer is lower than the Vstrom and lower CogG as well. Very light clutch action - one reason I bought the Burgman 650 in the first place to avoid damaging my hands any further.

    I ride a KLR650 in Australia ....light off pavement....aches and pains be damned....keeps me feeling young....that and Celebrex cheesy.
    Adventure blog here Down Under on a KLR 650 ...second season

    I run my own Mac based business, 30th anniversary this year, and my wonderful staff let me ride and travel and still stay in touch with clients.
    Picking up the Biffer in 24 hours and face a chilly 10 degree ride for 5 hours - pulled my heated gear connection from the Vstrom.
    After all..winter is coming.
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  2. That sounds like a pretty good lifestyle, mate. (y)
    I hope the new purchase leads to many adventures, and you can share them with us!
  3. Once I get a few more posts...collecting too many motorcycle forums but hey...my Cairns riding buddies like to see the exotic North America ;)
    Hoping to get the KLR down to family in Brisbane in April for a week and explore the lovely roads nearby.

    I put on 7-8,000 km in the last weeks since I got the Biffer in late Sept ( one very cold ride to fetch it from Ottawa..
    But had 3 multi-day rides in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio areas chasing colours.

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