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Long solo trip for new rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by heathermac, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Hi new riders, Just arrived home from riding my 250 cruiser to castlemaine and back, 540 klms round trip. went the long way and the same way I've done this trip before, Lilydale, Melba h'way, Glenburn, across to Flowerdale, Strath creek, onto Seymout rd, turn off to Tallarook, son lives there, good coffee break, across to Pylong, back rd to Lancefield, across to Carlsrue onto h'way to castlemaine turn off, thru C'maine and out to Newstead. Some of these back roads are great for us learners, especially mid week, no traffic so you can travel at your speed with no pressure behind you and if I happen to get a bank of cars behind me, which does happen, there's usually room to pull over and let them pass. as i did it on my own i like to travel on roads that I've done before, for obvious reasons, one being i know where all the loo stops are, nothing worse when your concentrating and you need to empty your tank. I've done this trip 3 times, this one being the one 2 weeks after getting my licence and found it quite satisfying to notice I've improved on my sweepers, using my roll on roll off instead of breaking, which I was taught verbally when being a pillion with Brian. have been practising now on my bike for a few months with this, and feel it's safer than "braking" all the time, and a smoother ride, still room for improvement but i'm happy with the progress.
    the last 3 months I've had no choice other than to get my bum on the seat as much as possible, at least every second day, and the huge bonus with that is that NOW when I know I'm going on the bike I don't get "the shaky knee" happening,8-[8-[ I'm actually looking forward to getting out there.
    I need to stop every hour or so cause of back issues, but find this also helps my level of tiredness and concentration.
    many bikers have said to me in early days, just get your bum on the seat and then it will all start to flow, I thought "oh yeh" in which decade?? but at long last, after 9 mths I can feel the difference, getting the "mojo" and enjoying the ride as well as trying to improve on the basic skills.
    My security back up is my mobile, I always have it in my jacket, where I can reach it if I need too.
    my new rider tip, "just get out there" and have fun.:dance::dance:

  2. 540 km round trip on your 250 cruiser; WELL DONE!!!
  3. Bum on seat and lots of miles, Its the only way you will learn,

    Practice, practice, practice, Is another way of saying it,

    All that crap about riding that I have been pumping into you,

    I told you so, Hahahahaaha, Now you have proved it to your self, It does work.

    Am so glad you finally have got it and your thoroughly enjoying your self,

    That flowing feeling when riding, is when it all happens, and the pleasure of riding a bike becomes Addictive,

    Well done Heather,
  4. Well done Heather. Keep it up through the winter months & next riding season will be even more enjoyable with your newfound skill & confidence.

  5. Awesome job Heather. Well done.

    FYI. For the first time in 2 years, I had my phone in my jacket pocket. We had an almost stationary off and now I'm nursing broken ribs from where the phone was.

    Other than that, :woot: for you
  6. A great post Heather, its good to know you are still getting out there with Deadman temporarily out of action. It is a great feeling when you are in the zone and things are flowing well. GreyBM is organising a run to the Chocolate Mill in Daylesford on 1st May, hope to see you on that ride.
  7. Great post Heather!!!

    The most simple piece of advice is the most truthful!!
  8. Well done getting out there Heather. Have friends at Newstead so know a few of the roads well.

    Newstead used to be the location for an annual Brittish bike rally. First time I came across it by accident. Have never seen so many Square fours in the one location before. Awesome.
  9. The British rally is coming up near Packenham,Koo Wee Rup. 1st of May, same day as the chocolate run,
    When I was riding the squaffer, I was the only one with one,
    The cops used to ride Squaffers in Melb in the 60's, The two pipe ones, Stay in front of them for 5 miles at top speed and their two back cylinders used to over heat and lock up,Hahahahahahaha
  10. What an awesome solo ride for a learner Heather ... I envy you (just call me Mrs Green ;)) for doing it all on your lonesome. It really does feel like you've turned a corner when riding FINALLY becomes fun, doesn't it???
  11. It will happen for you too Snowie,
    Get out there and just ride,
    Pick a ten or 20 mile trip in a circle near you and just keep riding around it,

    First you will get familiar with the road, Then you can get familiar with your bike, Because your not worried about the road your travelling on,
    Then it will all fall into line, Riding your bike becomes easy, Then you will have fun on it,

    The circle needs roundabouts, lights, some hill starts, Some hills, some twisties, It doesnt need a lot, But it does need variation, Makes you use your brakes, change gears, once you are familiar with your bike, it becomes automatic, you wont worry about changing gears, you just do it, same as braking, you just do it with out thinking about it,

    Once you have your circle down pat, Go for bigger trips further out,

    Only miles under your Bum will do it,

    Then you can enjoy your bike too,
  12. Some good advice there Brian. Shows you that when you are a beginner you don't need to ride 150 Km from home to do a long ride. You can ride a150 km and stay close to home.

    And if anything happens like you get tired, hungry or colder than you thought you are still only a few minutes from home.
  13. That is exactly what I've been doing Deadman and it is finally coming together. Instead of going out and having to think about every little thing that I am doing, some of it is coming naturally now and I am finally beginning to really enjoy riding. The ride I've been doing has pretty much everything you advised ... right hand turns on roundabouts, lights, hills ... I dunno whether you would call them twisties, but it has some bends, some of which have advisory signs. Gonna try some real twisties over the Easter break up the mountain to Kinglake!
  14. Dont forget to change direction and go around your course in the other direction,
  15. Yep, good pointer, as I always put my phone in my jacket in case???? I need to reach it quickly.
    Where do you carry it now?
    cheers H
  16. Hi snowie,
    where would u be leaving from to go to Kinglake?
    I'm in Lilydale.
    wouldn't mind doing this run again.
    Cheers H
  17. We'd be going from Whittlesea Heather, but I don't think we'll now get a chance over Easter ... got my BIL from Perth here for the break ... but would be happy to meet you for a ride up there any other time the weather is fine.
  18. Sounds good, I prefer good weather as well. If we meet at whittlesea I'll need about an hour or so to get there from Lilydale, don't like rushing it.
    Just let me know as my days are usually pretty flexi
    Cheers H