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long seat and pillion gap..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by n2o_spark, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. I've been riding for a while now, and i'm quite a small person 164cm and 64kg.
    My bike is an 06 gsxr 1000. But this 'issue' has been there on other bikes too.

    What i seem to find is that, because i'm so small there is a huge gap between myself and my pillion.
    This makes it a little uncomfortable for them, as they have to lean over a lot to reach me.
    My solution has been thus far, to wear a backpack.
    The other issue is that, i tend to slide back a long way, when accelerating hard. >_<
    There is a good 10-15cm gap from my arse to the end of the seat.
    Any ideas to solve this?

  2. Eat more fast food
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  3. i eat KFC/McDonalds a least 4 times a week... it doesn't help D:
  4. Perhaps you need a larger pillion...

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  5. "fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round"
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  6. breast job for pillion, go extra large.
    not the silicon jobbies, get the good stuff.
  7. trade bodys with me?
  8. One of my friends who likes to pillion with me is 165cm, about 63 kg and 12F cup struggles with the distance. Her boobs are bigger than my head!
    So if she still struggles with the distance, then a girl is going to need a super massive rack. lol
  9. For cruising, get yourself a pair of love-handles.
    Goes around your waist and has two good handles attached.
    If you have an experienced pillion on board they should be using the tank to support themselves when braking or cornering hard, and then both around your waist with a good lean fwd under strong power anyway.
  10. Are you sure its you and not the bike? I've found gsxrs a fair stretch to the tank regardless of the size of the rider. I get some good arm and leg burn happening pillioning on them.
  11. It could be the bike too, but i'm pretty small on all the bikes i've sat on. I'm at least able to touch the ground on it without needing to get it lowered which is nice...
    I wonder how much effort it is to reshape or shorter the rear eat bit ?
  12. 10-15 cm gap to the end of the seat? Are you sitting right up against the tank?
  13. Just what I was going to suggest....... get your seat reshaped to fit you better, and your pillion will love you long time better........ maybe with happy ending :p
  14. Crap, without her breasts she must weigh like 20kg

    You could try some aftermarket seat covers, doubt it will help much
  15. i sit a few cm off the tank, but i do sit quite close, why would you want to be far away from it?

    Here is an approximate image, not to scale, i'm yellow ( asian ) the girl is pink ( obviously )

    as you can see, there is a huge gap between me and the pillion seat D:
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  16. Sitting further back allow you to use your outside leg as leverage against the tank better when cornering compare to sitting up close against the tank. Someone else probably can explain it better than me.

    This video explains it.
  17. Her boobs are larger than your head!!??
    Sit backwards on the bike, mate!! Instant ear muffs, and safer than a helmet.
  18. That's all good and well if you're tall like he is, and have normal length legs.
    However as a midget ( well almost, i can only just tip toe the ground on my bike. I probably should get it lowered... ) with my short reach, and short legs, my optimum riding position is much closer to the tank.
    i can let go of the bars when cornering and holding on with my outside leg and foot peg pressure.
    So your statement and video may hold true for normal height people, it doesn't quite work like that for me.
    You'd think being a jap bike, they'd make them smaller for asains? :)
  19. use two pillions
  20. i think my girlfriend can actually fit in the spot behind me, then my large breasted friend would be able to ride the pillion seat.
    Yes! that could work :D