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Long Rides On Sports Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ninja03, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Eyy guys went for probably the longest ride i have ever done on sunday! Awsome Day btw. Left from Doncaster to eltham to yarra glen, up to yea (Stopped for a pie and Dohnut) and back home through flowerdale and king lake.

    First thing is this is an awsome ride and thoroughly reccommend it to anyone who has 3 or 4 hours up their sleeve.

    My only problem was the comfortability factor of the ninja. i have an 05 zx636. Now i know these bikes arnt made for comfortability.... i understand that however about 20 minutes before coming into yea and half the way home my legs were aching. Is this the same for everyone on longer rides on sports bikes? I love my ninja to death but couldnt help but admire the harleys riding past me in their relaxed riding positions and comfortable bikes. Does everyone get uncomfortable on these sorts of rides? Do you get use to it after a while?
  2. P.S This is the sort of riding i like doing. Im not interested in riding down to stkilda beach and doing 20 laps up and down beach road and stopping for coffees every 15 minutes. I like getting out there and riding..
  3. get a bandit or something then.

    you can mod the 636 with comfort kits. but it will cost a bit. And yes it happens to me. I think I will be getting high bars for my new bike and probably lower pegs
  4. yeh i guess i may have to look into a comfort kit maybe. I have been having a look at harleys on the net just out of interest and they are very expensive. I really dont want to give up my ninja coz i love it but they really arnt very comfortable for long trips and like i said in the OP riding around chepel street and stkilda beach doesnt interest me. I like getting out there and riding my bike to places like yea and marysville and other longer distance trips.
  5. Hey guys

    I recently did a 1600km ride over 3 days on a GSXR750.

    First day 620km from Cranbourne to Bombala via Cann River - not all highway as we went through some twisty bits.

    Day 2 380km Bombala to Tintaldra through mostly twisties.

    Day 3 600km to home via Myrtleford.

    Only real discomfort was in the butt because of the thin seat.

    I suppose it depends on how often you stop. Last return leg was 200km non stop from Mansfield to home.

    A day ride would typically be 200-350km, sometimes more through Spurs or kinglake or combination.

    Heading off to Canberra in mid Dec and will do that in one hit - about 700 odd kms via Cann River.

    I do stretch the legs whilst in motion and stand up on the pegs to stretch out a bit more but all in all, Gixxers do tour!!!
  6. yeh i have tried stretching my legs while in moton. Helps temorarily...
    I find the only way to completly remove the pain is to stop for a drink and food break and get off the bike. I must admit after the stop in year the pain did go away for quite a while however just after kinglake coming home through eltham my legs and ass were kaning again!
  7. You need to get bike fit and the only way is to ride a lot. Its quicker if you also put in time at the gym.
  8. They are very long rides though! And by the sounds of it you didnt come up half as sore as me...perhaps its just a matter of training your muscles to cope with the distance ....
  9. i spend alot of time in the gym dont worry about that:p
    will just have to try and get out on some longer rides and see if it helps..
  10. it's called being ride fit, your body will adjust over time
  11. You do get used to the bike in time... I found that I got sore wrists when I bought my 08 gixxer thou, even though I already had a 01 gixxer thou. You can tour on a sports bike but you do need time to get used to it and build up to it.

    I did my farRide (1000+k's and lunch in a 24 hour period) on my 01 gixxer.. I didn't have any physical comfort problems that day, mentally I was stuffed by the end.

    I've also done about 6000 k's in 5 weeks on my 01 gixxer in NZ.. Again it was the mental side of doing it day after day, not the physical side that was problem.

    Keep at it (the longer rides) and you'll find over time that you will get used to it.

    Regular breaks and keeping your fluids up do help.
  12. Thanks for the tips and will do:) Ill just have to get out there on some long riders more often!. Other than the pain it was an awsome day and a great route to ride!
  13. I think most road-testers agreed that the GSX-750 is a lot more comfortable than the very focused Kawasaki.

    I'd agree that more riding will assist, but if you have the money, I'd investigate some bar risers and adjustable 'pegs too....
  14. Thats interesting just coz i sat on all 4 of the sports bikes before i made my decision and found the kawa and the gixer to be the most in common. The r6 i found very aggressive and not sure what i thought of the honda but from memory didnt really like it lol
  15. You get used to it. Although I'll confess I've never done more than 800kms in a day, only about 100 of which were freeway.
  16. It is most likely just ride fitness, move around on the bike as much as you can so you don't freeze up. I spend 10 hours on an R1 and don't get sore but 6 hours on the 14 and my knees hurt yet it is a more comfortable seating position? Try different pegs if it gets worse not better over time, some positions just don't suit some people.
  17. Not to dis HDs when I say this, but if you go that way you may be trading wrist and neck pain for lower back and butt pain, numb hands etc.
    If you really want to do the long ks you should probably look at bikes that are actually made for the purpose, and that does not mean you can't have handling, brakes and power, either.
    But if you really want to carve up corners, a sports 600 is the ideal tool. You've got to decide what you want more. Or else HTFU. :wink:

    Gel seat, sheepskin, high rise clip-ons can all help. Cramped legs are difficult to fix without compromising lean angle.

    Me, I'm too old to bend that much without breaking, so I found a different kind of sports riding...
  18. Wow, you guys are hardcore. A mate of mine rode his Gixxer 1000 from Wollongong to the MotoGp and back in 2007, and another mate rode his 1098 from PI home to Wollongong in a day!
  19. Get some bar risers imo. I've got them on my bike, and they do make a nice difference.