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Long Rant: Mount Martha Esplanade, Sunday Dec 5th

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mickg, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Ok, so being a long term resident of the Peninsula and a long term rider I am very used to the influx of bikes down here at the first sign of summer. Today at work I had the unfortunate luck to turn onto the Esplanade from one of the feeder roads, encountering a group of bikes wobbling their way south...

    First up, about half the group appeared oblivious to my LIGHTS AND SIRENS. My work vehicle is a big white van, with lots of bright and noisy attachments. How they failed to see and hear me is a mystery, would have been a very different outcome if my shirt was a light blue, instead of dark.

    Then one of the group did realise I was attempting to enter the road, and grabbed a big handful. Mate, your emergency stopping skills aren't bad however you caused your mates behind to scatter like tenpins, only inches away from taking out you and eachother. Near misses for more than one... Thanks for letting me in though =D>

    So, now the big, white, noisy and brightly lit van has separated this bunch into two and is attempting to make good progress south. Interesting to ponder that these guys may just be members of the Hearing Impaired MC as we watched a couple of the lead guys overtaking rather inappropriately to the tune of our siren. Oh, by inappropriate I mean blind corners and double white lines in moderate traffic.

    So now were are well into the Esplanade itself, I'm trying to make progress but these guys just won't yield. Siren on-off-on-off-horn-siren, repeat but the forward half of their group are simply unaware that we are there. One by one they finally find their mirrors and allowed me through, several more near misses here, panic when they finally realise I'm there, hard braking into gravel, another 'almost' rear-ender and one guy so close to side swiping one of his companions that they may have actually touched.

    Finally I have them all behind me, and by behind I mean a few millimeters behind for one. Mate, I'm about to brake soon, and turn suddenly. If you really want to get scraped up and taken to the Alfred in the back of my van that's fine, but can you at least have your accident without involving me, or making me a witness?

    Amusingly, a fair number of this group, maybe a third, were wearing high visibility safety vests. The irony was not lost on me. I can just hear them now, post incident, "How didn't he see me mate? I was wearing this fancy high vis vest while I crossed double whites on a blind corner at more than 20k's over the limit. I can't believe he didn't see me". Oh well I guess the vests do make it easier for the plods to notice you...

    Guys, it could have been YOUR FUGGEN FRIEND/FAMILY/WHATEVER, that I was trying to get to, and I didn't need you lot trying to create work in front of me.

    It has been many years since I have seen such a poor display of skill and roadcraft.
  2. What else do you expect from weekend riders? Honestly.
  3. Sad Mick, Shows very poor situational awareness from the group. If they don't become more switched on to what happening around them they may need your services soon.
  4. I live around the corner from a busy emergency dept with a fire station next-door, so unfortunately I'm not surprised by stories of this kind of stupidity.
    I thought though, that riders would be particularly mindful of emergency vehicles...
  5. Could they have been a learner group?
  6. Thinking you have priority over an emergency vehicle (with lights and sirens ablaze) is, in my opinion, pretty low.

    Reminds me of a funny occurrence I witnessed though. Waiting at the lights just before the Storey Bridge (Gipps and Ann St for those from Brisbane) a fire truck, with full lights and sirens, was heading towards the CBD. Tried to proceed through the red light on Ann St, only for a group of young Asians (possibly students) to cut the fire truck off. So insulted that a fire truck would dare run a red light they came to a stop in the middle of the intersection and started to hurl abuse (and gestures) at the fire truck - with no way around the fire truck sat there for 15-20 seconds, alternating sirens and beeping its horn, then obviously one of its occupants got tired of the angry Asians and let rip the air horn. I am not sure if the sudden blast inspired them to move, or if the blast literally pushed the rather ratty looking hatchback out of the way, but the fire truck was able to continue merrily towards the city.

    I think that sometimes we fail to realise the bad position we put ourselves in (though from our own perspective, it was totally safe until someone else made it not so). I know I have been guilty of this a few times, and been lucky - can be a fine line though.
  7. I dunno...I wouldn't move through a red light to let an emergency vehicle pass unless I knew for certain, and had satisfied myself of such, that there was no red light camera there.

    The legal work and expense in defending a red light charge like that, if they refuse to withdraw it, would far outweigh any momentary (and easily forgettable) guilt for delaying them for < 1 minute.

    It may sound a little out of character for me, but at the end of the day you need to take care of yourself, and I know I don't have the cash or the time to defend a red light ticket charge.

    That said and done, unless your safety is at risk, there is no excuse for holding up an emergency vehicle.
  8. There was an idea floated to equip all emergency services vehicles with video cameras so that they can then film motorists who fail to make way for them. Said imagery would then be used as evidence when a fine is later sent out in the mail.

    Whatever happened to that idea? I think that it has total merit and should've been adopted.
  9. hmmm, thought it mighta been the group i saw on sunday while on ma lunch break piled up at the intersection of main street and nepean but I dont recall them wearing hi vis tops but two were on spanking new cbr1000s and there was a gixxer and maybe an R1 and they all had women on the back, it looked hilarious with them perched there sitting in the traffic all having a gab but what got me is they were in the right lane to turn just out of the turning lane cause the traffic was backed up then when they got a green proceeded to jump the que, bunch of retards or what?
  10. Not to be argumentative but it sounds like they're doing all right; nice bikes, chicks on the back, got in front of the queue. Just heading the wrong way, should be going towards the beach not away from it.
  11. They are really very easy to deal with, I ran the light, noted the ambulance rego number... When the fine turned up I wrote back with a brief explanation and the Ambo rego, they wrote back to inform me the offence had been withdrawn and no fine/points were applicable...
  12. I've seen some of the stupidest shit in Sydney involving the crap that ambo's and fireys have to go through just to get noticed. People pulling out in front of them, the ambo's actually giving them the "just f*ucking go then!" signs and the "what the f*uck are you doing!?" signs also.

    For a motorcyclist to not see or hear is just low. I can understand they might have had an ipod in their ears, or ear plugs, but I've never had either that has affected how I hear my surroundings. And for not checking the mirrors - dicks.

    Guys on bikes who can't ride them apart from the perfect weather weekends, with lots of coffee and stretching legs breaks.

    There's three groups of people I have the utmost respect for in this world, in this order:

    *Experienced Motorcycle Travelers (ie, those who regularly do trips around different states and/or countries)
  13. I imagine it was blocked by the emergency services themselves - such footage could be incriminating for them also (particularly for police).
  14. How do you figure that?
  15. Police in particular don't always follow the rules they're employed to uphold.
  16. That doesn't answer the question. And what police do is irrelevant to what I'm asking - why ambos (and fire services) can't video vehicles that fail to give way, as required to by law.

    I'd say that it's purely cost. AV won't even front up the dough for GPS navigators because of cost. They say in public that they could send ambos on a longer route because of map errors, but I find this to be a nonsensical argument. But this is another issue.
  17. Three groups of People I have No respect for, And feel need to be Retrained.

    1/ People Who Can not Merg.
    2/ People who Dont know how to Make way for an Emergency Vehicle without Blocking them.
    3/ People who Buy larger Vehicles just to Increase their chance of Survival in an Accident, Particularly the Sports type SUV's.

    Oh, and South Sydney Taxi Drivers ;) (Just the Majority of them)
  18. Yes they should use video cameras to identify people who get in there way

    And they can also hand it over to the police yes ??

    Video of motorbike riders speeding .lane splitting .dangers riding .failing to indicate . And the list goes on .

    Video mmmmm Maybe not a good idea after all ..
  19. Well, if you're speeding and lane splitting past an ambo on its way to a call then maybe the camera has done its job if it captures you on video.
  20. No not the point I was making .I agree with the ambo on a call thing .
    My concern is ambos sitting at lights in a none emergency situation recording riders .so being used as another arm of victoria police .the last thing we need is more monitoring ..