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Long or Short Gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rumble, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. G'day guys,

    Well I have the Jacket and the Jeans. I'm now turning my attention to gloves. What is the general consensus about gloves? Are long or short ones the general stock standard people buy? I was looking at getting the Icon TiMax TRX gloves to match my jacket, but i'm not sure whether to get the long or the short version.

    What do you guys wear?

  2. Hi Rumble,

    I originally bought a pair of "long" gloves but found they were too big. Now I have a pair of short ones and I love 'em. I think safety wise it would be better to have the long ones but may just come down to personal preference. :)
  3. For starters i bought a pair of short gloves, with fairly thin material for the inside of fingers. Alpine stars something. I just felt more confident having more 'normal' dexterity.
    But after a while I got a pair of heavier gauntlet style gloves. Also Alpine Stars. I now prefer the thicker leather gauntlet style. My hands are now open slightly more but thats fine. You generally push the handle bars, not pull them anyway.

    Just as long as you get a good fit, thats important. So you can grab the clutch and break with good control.

    When it comes to winter you'll probably want longer gloves. Hands stay much warmer.
  4. i have gauntlet ones, and i honestly wouldn't really be comfortable wearing shorties - i've been down twice and both times the "cuff" of the glove copped a hiding... better that than my skin...

    they're also great in winter at keeping the air out from the sleeves of the jacket
  5. Also good for summer - for keeping bugs out of the sleeves of the jacket.
  6. Thanks guys, looks like Long will be the go. Now I just have to decide between the TiMax ones and the Collins gloves on the other thread
  7. Got here a bit late to offer an opinion, but you're going the way I would've suggested anyway. Definitely the safer option.