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Long Live the Kings - Short Film - Motorcycle Road Trip

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ogden, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. A mate bumped a link to this along to me today. Enjoy!

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  2. Thanks for posting. an entertaining six and a half minutes, despite the somewhat naff soundtrack.

    Any idea on the location? The mountains, wolves and lynxes suggest the Carpathian mountains.

    Yes, I know I could google the title of the film, but where would the fun in that be?
  3. I can't find where they shot it, but my guess from watching it again is that they're in Arizona and/or Utah.

    What I'd like to know is whether it was conceived of as an advert from the start, or whether the blokes making it pitched their idea to get sponsorship.
  4. nice vid ogden, thanks for posting, i really like the instagram color stuff they have going on here... but wearing denim, leather and open face over terrain like that in these times is all a bit ''look at me, look at how hard i am. im as tough as nails, ggrrrrrr'''
  5. Um, that's being they are being financed by a company that makes jeans... Whether its product placement, or originally conceived of as an ad is what interests me. It does look pretty.
  6. ha ha ! and there i was thinking someone had made a short film documentary ;)
  7. Hmm, seeing what I wanted to see? Fooled by the airheads, the accents and the zundapp tank?

    If it is the US then it would be a planned add - european road signs and numberplates. US spirits are consipciously absent from the bar at 3:06 and Ambar (on the tap) is a spanish beer.

    The cats could be bobcats just as easily as lynxes, though, and eating sardines with a whopping great hunting knife is the 'murican thing to do
  8. Well spotted with the Ambar on tap, Rip. It could well be Spain. It would explain the European road signs. I think the early shots of the bison threw me, but there is no reason that they, or the lynx or the wolves need actually be living wild. Apparently the film company that made it are based in Paris.
  9. hmmm might be best to leave your brain at the door for this one... (which is not a problem for me).
  10. True - assumptions again. The "road closed" on the barrier was indeed in french.

    This morning I watched a cheaply made but appealing short film about a couple of guys going on a motorcycle journey. This evening I watched an unconvincing add for denim. Oh well, at least it still looked nice.
  11. yeah, youre right there, did look nice.
    got a link for the appealing short film?
  12. Sure, see first post :). Did I mention I was naive?
  13. I don't know... I've kinda enjoyed trying to pick it appart and work out where they shot the film. I now know where the current range of wolves living in the wild overlaps with the range of linxes. I now know that parts of spain look a lot like parts of arizona (mountainous and arid). And previously I had no fuckin idea that there was such a thing as a European Bison (which are still alive and kicking in the wild on the border of Poland and Belarus... whoever would have guessed!).